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How to Work with Professional House Painters

Are you planning to have your house repainted? You may be tempted to go the DIY route, but the better option is to work with professional house painters.

When you hire pros to do this project, you are assured of getting beautiful and durable paint job for your home. Moreover, you are guaranteed that everything gets done quickly.

One of the hurdles that DIYers encounter when painting their homes is finishing the project on time. This is because many of them paint on their free time, resulting in a lot of delays.

This is not something you should worry about when you let a reputable painting contractor do the job. You can expect them to complete the project fast without compromising the quality of the output.


Hiring professional residential painters does not automatically guarantee a smooth process and an excellent outcome.

You also need to have a good working relationship with your chosen contractor to ensure the success of the project.

Read our guide below to find out what you can do to avoid hiccups along the way and ensure that you get the outcome you want.

Schedule an Ocular Inspection

Ensure that the contractor conducts an ocular inspection of your property before the actual work begins. This is necessary for them to assess the scope of the work that they are going to do and come up with a realistic timetable.

Take note:

Before the actual painting starts, damages or problems need to be fixed. If there are major issues like big holes on the walls, the painting contractor is going to require you to have it repaired first before they begin their work.

The ocular inspection also allows your chosen company to come up with the correct quote since they are able to see the condition of your property and the work they need to do.

Ask Your House Painters for Colour Scheme Tips

Many homeowners are unaware that professional residential painters do more than just apply paint. They are also decorators who can provide valuable insights on what paint colours suit your house.

So, if you can’t decide on the colour scheme, you can ask them for suggestions. Meanwhile, if you already have a preferred palette, ask what their opinion is about it.

Review the Documents

Never start the project without reviewing the service agreement. Knowing and understanding what is in the contract can minimise misunderstandings or problems later on.

It is important that you agree with everything that is stipulated in the contract, especially the scope of work and projected timeline.

Ask Your House Painters to Walk You Through the Process

Find time to talk to your contractor about the project details. Ask them what is going to happen on your property when the actual work commences – how many people will be working, what are the working hours, what should be expected at each stage, etc.

Being aware of these things helps you avoid surprises and lets you prepare accordingly, especially if you intend to stay in the house while it is getting repainted.

Prepare Your House

Remove wall hangings including paintings, framed photos and mirrors. Clear the area of stuff like carpets, furniture and potted plants if the project involves exterior painting.

For items which are not movable, cover them with protective sheets so they don’t get stained or damaged.

If you are working with professional painters, you can expect them to do the necessary prep work like emptying the workspace and putting a drop cloth on the floor and other stationary stuff. So, you do not have to worry about doing these tasks if you do not have time.

Meanwhile, if you are staying put while the project is ongoing, make sure you plan ahead, especially if it is an interior painting job.

If you are having your bedroom repainted, see to it that your temporary room is ready. Similarly, if the work is going to involve the kitchen, set up an area where you can prepare your meals while the project is ongoing.

Remember, you are not just hiring professional residential painters to get a beautiful and durable paint job. You want this project to be stress-free from beginning to end, and this can only happen if you work well with your chosen painting contractor.

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