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Interior Painting – How Often Should You Paint Your Home’s Interior?

Professional residential and commercial painters recommend that exterior house painting should be done every four to six years.

But what about for interior painting? How often do you need to apply a fresh coat of paint on your indoor walls?

Well, how often you would be painting your home interior walls greatly depends on the amount of traffic the room gets.

Why is this the case?

An area that’s used often and accessed by more people has a higher probability of getting damaged easily. To be more precise, the paint job on its walls can deteriorate quickly. They can get dirty, stained, chipped off and cracked, amongst others.

Basically, high traffic rooms require frequent repainting as compared to low traffic ones. Below, we talk about how often you should paint the different interior areas in your house.

Interior Painting Schedule for the Different Areas in the House

Corridor, Hallway and Kids Bedroom

The parts of the house that have the most activity are the corridors, hallways and kids’ bedrooms.

Everyone in the house uses the corridors and hallways. What’s more is that these areas are accessed multiple times each day. As such, it is not surprising to know that the paint on the walls in these areas easily become dated and damaged.

The walls in the kid’s bedroom are also the same. Unlike an adult’s bedroom, this room also doubles as a place where the children play. Kids may write on the walls or stick stuff on them. They also get touched or leaned on frequently, causing them to become dirty and stained.

For these high traffic areas, the recommended schedule for interior wall painting is every two to three years.

Kitchen, Bathroom and Laundry Area

For the kitchen, the walls near the counters for food preparation and the cooking area are the most vulnerable to premature wear and tear. Oil or grease spots are the most common causes of paint damage to these walls.

Meanwhile, for the bathroom and laundry areas, humidity and moisture are the primary culprits behind the paint job deterioration. For one, moisture is conducive for the growth of mildew on the walls which can result in obvious stains. Over time, it can cause the paint to peel off.

Suffice to say, these areas – kitchen, bathroom and laundry – are also frequently used. However, since the paint applied on these areas are usually more durable, you can opt to repaint the walls every three to five years.

Living Room, Dining Room and Adults Bedroom

While the living room, dining room and adult’s bedroom are also used daily, the intensity of the activities done here is quite low.

Let’s take the case of the living room. Even if the family converges in this area daily, they just sit and talk, watch TV or do other low impact activities.

The same thing happens in the dining room. Even if it is used at least thrice a day, people simply stick to the dining table and chair.

Basically, in the living and dining rooms, activities done do not disturb or affect the walls. Hence, the chances of the paint job getting damaged are low.

What about the adult’s bedroom?

Unlike a kid’s room, the adult’s bedroom is usually only used for sleeping or resting. Since these are not exposed to the same level of activity done in a kid’s room, the wall paint lasts for a long time.

So, for the living room, dining room and adult’s bedroom, the ideal schedule for interior wall painting is every five to seven years.

Interior Painting Schedule for the Ceiling and Trims

Don’t forget that your home’s interior also includes your ceiling and the trims on the walls.

The ceiling is the part of the house that does not get affected by human day-to-day activities. But it’s still exposed to heat and moisture which may cause stains and watermarks. Furthermore, the paint colour eventually fades.

How often should you paint this house part? The recommendation is to have the ceiling repainted every six to eight years.

As for the trims, just follow the repainting schedule of the rooms. Keep in mind, this part of the wall takes the most beating. So, in high traffic areas like hallways, the trims are usually the first ones to show signs of wear and tear. In most cases, they incur extensive damage as well.


These schedules are meant to guide you in planning when to repaint your home interiors. It should be noted, however, that you don’t have to strictly adhere to them. You can repaint your interior walls anytime you want, especially if the paint damages are already compromising the look of your house.

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