Kitchen Painting Do's and Don'ts

Kitchen Painting Do’s and Don’ts 

April 30, 2021

The kitchen is undeniably an integral part of the house as it is where food preparation takes place. But admittedly, so many other things happen in the kitchen nowadays. For some houses, this space doubles as a dining area. It is also a room where family members and friends bond as people no longer just gather to eat a meal but also to prepare one.

With so much going on in the kitchen, it is not surprising that it is considered a high traffic area. Even on less busy days, this part of the house is used at least once. This is exactly why paint on your kitchen walls can look dingy and dated quickly.

Fortunately, improving the look of this room is easy and cheap. All you need to do is to apply a fresh coat of paint. This is not an easy home improvement project though. So, to ensure that you achieve the results you want, read our kitchen painting do’s and don’ts below.

Kitchen Painting Do’s

Do Observe Proper Planning and Scheduling

Since the kitchen is among the most used areas in the house, it becomes a huge inconvenience if it is inaccessible. While closing it off can’t be avoided, there are steps you can take to ensure that it won’t be inaccessible for an extended time.

One of the most important things you should do to achieve this is to plan the project and set a realistic schedule. More importantly, make sure that you stick to your timeline.

Proper planning and scheduling won’t just help with the timely completion of the project but also minimise the hassle that people living in the house experience. It also helps you avoid unexpected additional expenses as you’d have to spend more when the project gets delayed.

Do Remove the Kitchen Cabinet Doors

While you can finish the job even if the cabinet doors are still attached, the paint job will likely be sloppy.

Removing the kitchen cabinet doors and the hinges makes it easier for you to paint on them properly. At the same time, you also have better access to the interior of the cabinets, allowing you to apply the paint with ease.

Do Consider Your Fixtures When Choosing Paint Colours

Unless your house is still being built or renovated, many parts of your kitchen are already in place like your kitchen counters, kitchen floor and kitchen cabinets. It may not be possible or wise to paint on some of these fixtures like the granite countertops or kitchen floor tiles.

Hence, to achieve a cohesive look, make sure that you keep in mind the colours of these fixtures when choosing tones for your kitchen walls and cabinetry.

Kitchen Painting Don’ts

Don’t Settle for a Mediocre Paint Job

The key indicator of a good paint job is longevity. If the paint job is done properly, you can expect it to last several years. This is exactly what you’d want for your kitchen – a durable paint job – since it is an area that gets a lot of traffic.

A surefire way of avoiding a mediocre paint job is to get the services of professional painters. These experts have the know-how and tools essential in delivering professional-looking and long-lasting paint job.

You may be spending more when you hire pros as compared to getting amateurs or DIY-ing this project, but it will be money well spent. With their excellent output, you don’t have to worry about repainting your kitchen in just a matter of weeks or months. This means that you get to save in the long run.

Don’t Rush

Any painting project should never be finished hastily. The paint job must be done carefully and meticulously to ensure that it would be long-lasting.

Do not skip a step in the painting process or ignore the recommended curing time. Do so and you’ll end up with a sloppy paint job.

 Remember, achieving a high-quality kitchen paint job requires a lot of time. Surfaces need to be prepped. The paint needs time to cure. Basically, in most cases, the area wouldn’t be accessible for at least a week.

Here’s what you have to keep in mind:

Painting your kitchen is not a task you can rush if you want the best results. This is why proper planning is very important in this project.

Don’t Use Many Colours

When painting or repainting a room, it is tempting to experiment and try different colours. With the variety of options, some people make the mistake of using too many tones. You should avoid this as it can make your kitchen look tacky and disorganised.

When painting the kitchen or any part of the house, it is recommended that you use at most three colours. This should be enough to achieve a balanced and aesthetically pleasing look.

As mentioned earlier, for a cohesive look, you should consider the colours of your kitchen fixtures. Also, don’t take the colours of the rooms adjacent to your kitchen for granted. Since these rooms are connected, their colours must complement each other.

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