Tips on Selecting Paint Colours for Ceilings

April 30, 2018

Many homeowners employ a painstaking process when selecting colours for their home interior walls. But when it comes to their ceilings, the same thoroughness is rarely observed. What some fail to realise is that the ceiling comprises a sixth of Read More…

Tips on Painting Kitchen Cabinets

April 30, 2018

The kitchen is one of the areas in your home where foot traffic is high. Since it is regularly used may exhibit signs of wear and tear like flaking paint earlier than other rooms in the house. It can also Read More…

Best Interior Paint Colours to Sell a House

March 28, 2018

Yes, repainting your house before selling it can increase its market value. Furthermore, it can even help sell your property faster. However, you need to pick the right paint colours to reap the benefits of this house painting project. Otherwise, Read More…