How to Paint a Ceiling

February 27, 2019

Unlike walls, ceilings rarely get noticed, except for those with elaborate designs. This is one of the reasons why this so-called fifth wall is often neglected. Moreover, there is also the prevailing notion that painting a ceiling is a tedious Read More…

Is It Safe to Paint House Interiors in Winter?

February 15, 2019

Winter is not the best time to do house painting projects, especially those involving home exteriors. The truth is, with the freezing weather and the shortened daylight, it is impossible to do any outdoor painting tasks. The case is different Read More…

House Paint Colour Trends for 2019

January 30, 2019

Can’t decide what paint colour to use in your home’s interior? Learning what the paint colour trends are for 2019 may help you! Last year, it was all about edgier colours and shades that match contemporary designs. Homeowners who wanted Read More…