Kitchen Spraying

Kitchen Spraying

Spray Painting Kitchen Cabinets in Dublin

Do you want to touch up some old or damaged kitchen? Are you not sure how to go about it? If you fancy a change of style and believe your household items could do with a revamp, then we encourage you to contact us for spray painting. Our spray painting services can help you to make your kitchen cabinets beautiful again. It’s a great, cost effective way to do so.

Michael and his team painted my kitchen and hall. Preparation work was excellent and the rooms turned out very well. They were punctual,clean and left everything clean after them. Work was completed on time and to a very high standard. I would definitely recommend them and will definitely have them back.” Diane, Leixlip

  • Kitchen Spraying
  • Kitchen8-b BEFORE
  • Kitchen8-a AFTER
  • Kitchen7-b BEFORE
  • Kitchen7-a AFTER
  • Kitchen6-b BEFORE
  • Kitchen6-a AFTER
  • Kitchen5-b BEFORE
  • Kitchen5-a AFTER
  • Kitchen4-b BEFORE
  • Kitchen4-a AFTER
  • Kitchen3-b BEFORE
  • Kitchen3-a AFTER
  • Kitchen2-b BEFORE
  • Kitchen2-a AFTER
  • Kitchen 4 – before BEFORE
  • Kitchen 4 – after AFTER
  • Kitchen 2 – before BEFORE
  • Kitchen 2 – after AFTER
  • Kitchen 1 – before BEFORE
  • Kitchen 1 – after AFTER

We know that money is important to our customers. Spray painting can save you money because it is a more effective way to cover surfaces with less paint. Whereas brush painting can take several coats, only one or two may be needed with kitchen spraying. We are able to extend these savings to you, our valued customers. We strive to save you money while maintaining a high quality, high performance service that is adaptable to your needs.

Would you like to transform rough, outdated kitchens or kitchens that are sorely in need of refurbishment into smooth, modern, beautiful kitchens with functional, scrubbable surfaces? We offer access to a number of styles and painting strategies to ensure that your kitchen is welcoming and inviting when you enter it. Our experts can even help you to choose a look for your kitchen.

We can work around cupboards, wall-hung items, furniture, counters and many other items. We take the hassle out of your hands so that you can relax and leave the job up to us. We’ll protect these valuable items before painting, ensuring that the only thing that gets painted during work is your required surfaces. No more scrubbing up paint drips, and no moving heavy furniture only to follow with hours of painting. All you need to do is smile, sit back, and let the experts handle it for you.

Don’t take risks with shoddy brush painting services or services that do not have the skill set to paint your kitchen correctly. A poor paint job can result in chipping, peeling, and cracking; we’ll always ensure that it’s done correctly the first time around, allowing you to enjoy your paint job for years to come.  Trust the experts at Painting Dublin to deliver exactly what you need.

Still not convinced? We ask that you give us the opportunity to demonstrate exactly how affordable our kitchen spraying service can be. We provide entirely free quotes to each and every customer who requests them. Your free quote can instill confidence in the fact that you are making the best decision for your kitchen, your home, and your wallet. We want you to be satisfied and comfortable with the service you receive; we’re willing to go the extra mile to ensure that happens.

You have nothing to lose when you contact us for a quick quote today. Our representatives are patient, friendly, helpful, and skilled in taking your information and creating a real kitchen spraying solution that’s budget-friendly and effective. Why not contact us now for more information? Call us right now at 086 608 1817 to speak with a representative.

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The below images are always in the order After & Before, so that you can see the outcome of our work. If you would like to read testimonials from our happy customers, please, click here