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Tips for Painting and Decorating the Living Room

Some people consider the living room as the focal point of the house. It is the room that guests see first. It is also the place where a lot of activities happen, from entertaining guests to doing family activities.

Clearly, the living room is an important part of the house. It needs to look immaculate if you want to make a good impression. It has to be well-designed for it to be a perfect spot for bonding activities.

Creating a living room with an appealing and cohesive look is not easy. But do not fret because we’ve put together some tips on how you can complete this task successfully.

Hire a Professional Painter and Decorator

Unless you have a knack for interior design, coming up with an aesthetically appealing space can really be challenging. Furthermore, if you have a busy schedule, completing this project can take a while.

For example, you may need a day or two to finish painting the living room because you have to observe the recommended drying time. Plus, you also have to do some prep work.

Then, there is also the fact that you need to choose the right colour scheme. A lot of people think this is an easy task, but it is not given the number of paint hues available.

Oftentimes, those who go the DIY route end up getting overwhelmed. So, it is best to hire professional painters and decorators if you want this project to be successful and completed on time.

Have a Design Idea for Your Living Room

Here’s the thing:

Even if you hire professionals to improve your home’s appearance, this does not mean that you can’t help or give inputs. You still need to share your ideas because your decorators or painters cannot create the space you are looking for if they do not know what you want.

So, make sure you have a design idea. This is basically about how you want the room to look. You can go online to check several design concepts which you can use to pick what you want for your own living room.

Share your ideas with your decorator. It would be best if you can show him pictures of what you want.

Know the Measurements

Knowing the dimensions of your living room is necessary for you to pick the right sizes of furniture. It is also going to help you determine where to place them and what other decorative items you can put in the remaining spaces.

Carefully Choose and Arrange Your Furniture

The pieces of furniture you choose have the biggest impact on the look of your living room. In fact, experts say that these are the most critical elements of this home space. Hence, you need to choose the right pieces if you want to achieve the design you want.

While aesthetics is important, do not forget comfort and functionality. Taking these things into consideration when choosing furniture is highly important, especially if you are trying to create a living room where your family can gather and do activities together.

Meanwhile, arranging the furniture is not as simple as looking for what fits in your space and just putting the sofas and chairs against the wall. Careful planning is needed not just to maximise the space but also to create a focal point and ensure better traffic flow.

Pick the Right Furnishings

Artwork can complete a living room. When your walls are bare, the entire space can look unfinished.

Unfortunately, some people choose not to hang art because they have this notion that it is expensive. The thing is that you do not need high-priced pieces to improve the look of your house. All you need is to think about what you like and what matches your living room design.

Rugs are also common additions to the living room. The right rug can bring together other elements of the space and make everything look cohesive.

When choosing a rug, what you need to keep in mind is that it should be the right size. It must be big enough for all the furniture to sit on it. But make sure it doesn’t cover the entire floor. There should be around a 30 to 60 cm gap between the rug and the wall of the living room.

Choose a Paint Colour for the Living Room

Choosing the paint colour for the living room walls before deciding on what furniture to buy is a common mistake amongst DIYers and amateur designers. This approach makes selecting the right furniture difficult.

You see, paints are available in different hues but not furniture. So, by deciding on the colour of the walls first, you are going to limit your furniture options.

What experts usually do is to choose the colour schemes based on the colours found on the focal or biggest furniture or décor like the sofa or rug.

Alternatively, you can pick neutral colours like white and beige. These hues are great options because they pair well with most colours.

Once you’ve decided on the colour scheme, the actual work begins and first on the list is painting your walls.

Need help painting and decorating your living room? Let our professional residential painters help you create a beautiful space – one that is going to impress your guests. Call us now on 086 608 1817 / 085 139 0233 or visit our website to request for a quote.


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