Should You Go For Fully Tiled Or Half Tiled Bathroom Walls?

Should You Go For Fully Tiled Or Half Tiled Bathroom Walls?

October 19, 2019

One of the most common dilemmas encountered by people renovating their bathroom is whether to put tiles on or paint the walls. If you are also having difficulties deciding on this matter, some of the information below may help you.

Fully Tiled Bathroom Walls

In this option, all the walls are covered with tiles. This design’s popularity has been growing over the years. In fact, it is considered a feature of so-called “modern bathrooms”.

If you are aiming to make your bathroom appear bigger, the floor-to-ceiling tile installation is a good option. This is because the presence of numerous tiles let light bounce more which gives the illusion that the space is wider.

Some of the factors which affect the overall cost of this project is the number of tiles used and the price of your chosen tile. Naturally, expensive tiles mean higher expenses. Meanwhile, if you pick cheaper tiles, your material cost is definitely going to be lower. However, don’t sacrifice quality for price. Ensure that your chosen tiles are durable and properly fitted; otherwise, you’d end up spending on major remedial work when these tiles fall off or get broken.

Since the tiles are going to cover the walls, you wouldn’t need to purchase skirting boards, further cutting your material cost. Also, skimming the walls wouldn’t be necessary. So, that’s another expense you can remove from your budget.

Perhaps, the most notable downside to fully tiled bathroom walls is that renovating it would often entail a complete revamp. Hence, overhauling this kind of bathroom can be costlier and more time consuming.

Half Tiled Bathroom Walls

Here, tiles are utilised only in wet areas such as shower enclosures and around baths. They may also be used for bathroom backsplash. Meanwhile, walls without tiles are painted. Compared to fully tiled bathroom walls, the cost of renovation for this option is cheaper. This is because completely overhauling the room isn’t necessary. Simply changing the paint colour on the bathroom walls can give the area a new look.

Naturally, fewer tiles are needed here unlike in the floor-to-ceiling tile bathroom design. However, you may need to spend on skirting boards to cover wall-floor joints in areas which aren’t tiled. Skimming may be necessary before painting the walls, too.

The prices of the tile, paint and skirting board comprise the bulk of the material cost for this design. Meanwhile, the labour cost is higher for this option since you’d have to hire fitters and painters. To save, consider taking the DIY route.

It is important to stress, however, that doing this project without the help of professionals is not as easy as it seems. For the paint job alone, the right kinds of materials, specifically waterproof and mildew/mould-resistant paints, should be utilised to ensure durability. Similarly, for a quick turnaround time, you must know the best techniques or the most efficient process or procedure for this type of project. Suffice it to say, unless you have sufficient knowledge and experience to do this project, it’s more cost effective to enlist the services of professional painters and tilers or fitters.

Ultimately, when it comes to choosing between a fully tiled bathroom or half tiled bathroom walls, it all boils down to personal preference. If you still can’t decide, try getting additional information from professionals, from which one best suits your home’s design to how much a fully tiled or half tiled bathroom would cost you.

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