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How Much Does Professional Wall Papering Service Cost in Dublin?

How Much Does Professional Wall Papering Service Cost in Dublin

Wallpapering is a popular choice for decorating homes. It has become more affordable than ever before, as homeowners can choose from a wide range of designs and colours. In general, wall papering costs more than painting walls. However, wallpapers are more durable and can last for several years.

If you are planning to have wallpaper installed on your walls, you need to know what affects the price of wall papering service. Read on to know how wall papering prices vary in terms of the materials and the installation costs.

How Wall Papering Prices Vary

The price of professional wall papering in Dublin can vary depending on several factors. It will depend on the size of the room, complexity of the work, as well as the materials used in this process.

Regardless of what type of wallpaper is chosen (and there are many), you should always take into consideration your budget before making any decisions. In order to avoid unnecessary expenses, we advise you to contact one or more companies offering professional wall papering services and ask them some questions – How long does it take? What preparations do I need to make? What materials are included?. Also inform yourself about all possible options for organising a consultation so that after meeting with professionals who offer this kind of service, you will have an idea about their rates for different types of work.

Other factors affecting the cost of wallpaper installation include the area being wall papered, its location, and the type of wallpaper you choose. For example, if you want to replace a small section of your living room with new wallpaper patterns and colours, it will likely cost less than if you were to do an entire room.

Check with your provider if they charge extra if your house is outside Dublin. Some service providers charge more if they need to travel a longer distance to get to your home.

Wall Papering Service Cost

Some providers charge by the number of rooms that need to be wall papered. Other providers charge per square metre.

The average price of a wallpaper roll in Ireland is around €40 to €50. One roll of wallpaper is 5 square metres. Wallpaper installation fees can cost around €10 per square metre. 

To illustrate, let’s estimate the cost for a medium sized room which requires 10 square metres of wallpaper.

  • 2 pcs. Wallpaper roll = 2 x €50 = €100 materials fee
  • Wallpaper installation = €10 per sqm x 10 sqm = €100 installation fee
  • Total fee = €100 + €100 = €200

Remember that the price of total wallpaper material and installation costs will depend on several factors including room size and number of walls covered and the type of wallpaper used. If the wallpaper chosen requires any additional work such as cutting or taping, the installation fee increases as well.

As mentioned above, the type of wallpaper also has an impact on pricing. For example, one-way papers are much easier to apply than vinyl wallpapers where you need special skills with taping machines and heat guns before applying it on your walls. If there is extremely difficult material involved in your project (like marble), then expect higher prices due to extra labour spent during the installation process. Additionally, If you choose designer wallpapers, then the material costs will certainly be much higher.

When looking for a company that offers a professional wall papering service in Dublin, it is important to get quotes on different types and sizes of wallpaper, as well as different materials used. This will help you choose the best option within your budget.

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