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How Much Does a Kitchen Respray Cost?

How Much Does a Kitchen Respray Cost

The kitchen is one of the essential elements of the house. All daily food and beverages are prepared there. Hence, it is also vital that it looks good. Most house owners don’t invest in respraying the kitchen.

If you browse apps like Instagram and Pinterest, you’ll see what we mean. Kitchen cabinets come in many colours and designs. However, a cabinet respray is not enough. The entire kitchen needs to evolve and change within a period.

Changes made in a kitchen respray

We start the process by sealing the kitchen. Then, the workers start cleaning the kitchen thoroughly. We reassemble and clean the entire kitchen. Moreover, we empty the cabinets and keep the utensils aside. Our workers will start with the respraying after the customers’ inspection.


Usually, it will take a whole day. The spray painters respray all areas of the kitchen. The renovations, if any, are carried out in an organized manner. The spray painters are perfectionists. They use motor spray efficiently and skillfully.

What results can you expect from a kitchen respray?

The colours and finishes depending on the customer. We usually give out recommendations after inspecting the kitchen. The kitchen will look exactly how we consult. We can even spray them in such a way that it seems like a new kitchen.

Also, maintaining the paint is very simple. All you need is a cloth (wet) for wiping and then let it dry. Moreover, the colour is pretty durable, and hence you won’t have to respray again and again.

How much does a kitchen respray cost?

When it comes to kitchen price, it’s not just about the doors. It also has much to do with cabinets, panels, and counters. That is the reason we ask the customers to send photos of the kitchen.

Usually, it will cover a fifth of the replacement expense. Thus, you can see why it is the more popular option. The only thing that the people sh0uld consider getting replaced is the handles.

We paint the remaining walls with emulsion paint to give the kitchen a final coating. We also touch up the ceiling according to the cabinets. Additionally, we too do the cabinet handles if asked by the customer.

Overall, the cost wouldn’t be much. We encourage the buyers to choose respraying over replacing a kitchen.

Prep work before the actual respray

Many amateur painters skip the step of prepping. It is a big mistake. It is critical to prep your kitchen for a respray. We always ensure that the prep work is done correctly.

Are you planning to respray your kitchen cabinet? We will help you out. Our painters possess the skillset that is needed to finish the work without compromising the quality. Call us now on 086 608 1817 / 085 139 0233 or visit our website to get a quote!