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How Much Does It Cost to Have Your House Painted in Dublin?

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“How much does it cost to have your house painted in Dublin?” People frequently ask us this question. They sometimes consider our reply surprising.

The painters who work for Painting-Dublin.IE pay close attention to issues of quality. We value fine workmanship. For this reason, we make certain we always furnish thorough, complete painting whenever we agree to undertake an assignment. You see, the results essentially reflect on us.

Why You Should Use Painting-Dublin.IE

Anyone can wield a paint brush and re-cover an interior or exterior wall in an amateur fashion. Professional painters by contrast possess the training and experience required to follow all the steps required to apply paint correctly and completely. In addition, they have acquired the high level of skill necessary for the attainment of consistently lovely results.

When you retain the services of Painting-Dublin.IE, people will notice the beautiful consequences of our work. You’ll gain satisfaction knowing that you’ve obtained the best possible results from the project. We strive for complete customer satisfaction.

Variable Expenses

Whether you choose to ask a painting firm to touch up a worn existing exterior, or you prefer a complete refurbishment in new and different colours, you’ll likely derive many benefits from this process. The price of re-painting varies, however, based upon a number of factors. The extent of the project, the difficulty of reaching every surface, and the complexity and costs of the materials involved all enter into the final price.

Painting-Dublin.IE appreciates the concern this situation causes property owners, so we have included a convenient painting price calculator on our website. Simply fill in the details of your request, and within 24 to 48 hours we’ll supply you with an online quotation. You may find the results pleasantly surprising!

The Costs of Not Repainting

Unfortunately, our price quotation system can’t evaluate the hidden costs sometimes associated with not undertaking professional repainting. In some situations, fresh paint literally transforms the appearance of an aging dwelling. Homeowners who try to save money by failing to update faded or peeling paint, or who permit amateurs to work on their premises, sometimes rue that decision.

Individual circumstances vary widely. However, in certain situations, property owners tend to benefit by requesting a quote from us:

  • Aging paint has faded or begun peeling;
  • Out-of-fashion colours cause the premises to appear dated;
  • New furniture and decor elements clash with existing room colours;
  • Previous painting failed to cover portions of a high wall or ceiling, leaving visible contrasts between two older colours of paint on the surface.

All these situations, and more, cry out for the assistance of professional painters. Painting-Dublin.IE offers prompt, courteous and skillful assistance in resolving these common painting problems.

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Contact us by calling Michal Cupka at 086-608-1817. Or simply complete the convenient contact form on our website to request a painting quote. You’ll love the high quality of our work!