House Paint Colour Trends for 2019

January 30, 2019

Can’t decide what paint colour to use in your home’s interior? Learning what the paint colour trends are for 2019 may help you!

Last year, it was all about edgier colours and shades that match contemporary designs. Homeowners who wanted to make a statement incorporated bold colours into their interior design, using vibrant red or black for their accent walls and picking yellow furnishings. There were also those who went for modern interiors, utilising traditional neutrals like white and beige and the so-called “new neutrals” like grey and blush.

Meanwhile, this year, colour forecasters say that more homeowners will be tapping earthy or nature-inspired colours. Popular palettes from the past decades are also expected to make a comeback with the resurgence of 1970s design style. Of course, neutrals will still be present, especially since a growing number of people are embracing minimalism. Bright and striking hues are also not going away this year as some homeowners try to bring a playful and positive vibe into their houses.

So, what paint colours are going to be more visible? Read on to find out what they are and which ones you can use when you repaint your house.

Timeless Neutrals

There was a time when a number of homeowners veered away from using neutral hues on their walls like white and beige and went with non-traditional colours like blue and green. However, over the years, tried and tested neutral hues slowly made a comeback. In fact, with the rise of Instagram came a wave of homeowners painting their walls all white to have what’s called “Instagrammable” homes.

This year, all white is still expected to be a popular palette for home interior walls, especially with the rise of minimalist homes. This is not surprising given its ability to make spaces exude timeless elegance. However, instead of pure, bright whites which can make rooms feel clinical, “almost-white” will be the go-to shade. This specific hue is dynamic as it easily adapts to surrounding colours and various lighting.

Grey, the go-to neutral the past years, isn’t going anywhere, too. In fact, Benjamin Moore’s Colour of the Year is a grey hue called Metropolitan. A perfect alternative to an all-white palette, this colour can make a room look glamourous and at the same time, relaxing. It is perfect for bedrooms and spaces meant for meditation. Metropolitan goes well with other neutral hues and rich shades of blues and greens.

Earthy, Nature-Inspired Hues

Sherwin-William’s Colour of the Year is Cavern Clay, an earthy terracotta hue. If you are thinking of having a ‘70s home design or a desert-inspired look, consider using this colour with avocado-like and dusty denim hues. Cavern Clay is simple yet playful; retro yet refreshing. What’s even great is that this colour is not just for those who want a 1970s or bohemian look for their homes. It can work well in any type of home design when paired with the right colours. For example, in the kitchen, paint the walls with this creamy rusty colour and the cabinets white to achieve a contemporary look.

Another colour that’s making a comeback is dark green like rich hunter green. A favourite colour by designers in the ’90s, this hue can make spaces have that lush botanical vibe and still exude a timeless beauty. It perfectly complements neutral colours as well as natural elements. Please remember though that designers and professional painters do not recommend dark green for spaces where light is scant as it can make them appear darker. So, reserve them for rooms with large windows or those which are well lit.

Bold Colours

Striking hues are not completely out of the picture this 2019. A testament to this is Pantone’s Colour of the Year, Living Coral. This vibrant hue is a fusion of pink and orange with a gold undertone. Meant to inspire connectedness, Living Coral is energising and uplifting. It’s best for spaces which are meant for social gatherings as this colour is meant to inspire people to interact with each other.

Bright shades of yellow like Sherwin-William’s Afternoon and oranges are also going to be more visible as homeowners create spaces with an optimistic vibe. These hues can make spaces look fun and trendy, too. Yellow, in particular, goes well with beiges and cool blues.

Meanwhile, if you are looking for something that would give your house a pop of colour without being too loud, there’s Blueprint, Behr’s Colour of the Year. Use it on an accent wall or small spaces. Pair it with white and use it on your entryway, specifically your front door, for a classic and elegant look.

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