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House Painting in Winter – Important Things to Remember

Even if it is perfectly normal for exterior paint to flake or crack, it can still be bothersome to see it. After all, peeling paint makes your house less visually appealing. Hence, it is understandable why homeowners like you would want to address this problem immediately even if it is freezing outdoors. But can you do exterior house painting in winter?

Well, painting exterior walls during winter in Ireland is a bad idea. First, temperatures can be unforgiving during this season. It can be very wet and very cold making it unlikely for paint, even those which are specially formulated for cold weather, to cure properly. Furthermore, the harsh weather is not conducive for outdoor work even for professional painters.

There is also limited sunlight during winter. If you do exterior painting, you only have a short window of time to work each day. The thing is, paint takes time to dry and the drying time can even be longer during winter given the minimal amount of sunlight and the low temperature. So, it can take a while for you to accomplish this task. Truth is, you may not finish it at all.

Suffice it to say, repainting exterior walls during winter is extremely challenging, if not impossible. For best results – a beautiful and a durable paint job, it is best that you schedule an exterior house painting project when winter is over.

However, this does not mean that you should just sit and do nothing while waiting for the colder months to end. You can be proactive and start calling professional painting companies in your area to find out when they would resume doing exterior house painting.

Just be sure to carefully select the painting contractor you’ll be working with. Keep in mind, not all painting companies render first-rate paint job and service.

Make sure you ask them about their exterior painting experience. Find out what materials they use. A reputable painting company only uses paints specially formulated for outdoor use. Furthermore, they won’t just stop at talking about the kind of paint they use; they would also happily discuss what the benefits are of using such paint.

Please note that scheduling is key to achieving a good output for this project. Here, scheduling means choosing a time wherein temperatures are ideal for outdoor painting. Hence, before the company commits to a schedule or gives you one, they should first check weather forecasts. Please do not choose a contractor just because they agreed to work on your walls as soon as winter ends. Make sure that the weather forecast on the dates they have committed is perfect for exterior painting.

To gauge the company’s quality of work, you can request for their portfolio, ideally one that shows similar projects they have done. Lastly, read about testimonials from previous clients. You can get this information on the company’s website as well as business directory websites.

Thinking of doing exterior house painting in winter? Do it after winter and with the help of professional residential painters to achieve the best result. Call us at 86 608 1817 / 085 139 0233.



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