House Painting Tips for the Holidays

November 22, 2018

The holiday season is just around the corner. It is again time to start preparing for guests and the family gatherings you would be hosting. This means putting up decors to make your house exude the holiday vibe. You can also a apply a fresh coat of paint on your walls to further enhance your home’s aesthetics.

Painting the interior of your house for the holidays isn’t just about achieving a festive ambience before the merrymaking begins. It is also about ensuring that your home looks pristine as you welcome visitors for the holiday season. This can also be a good opportunity for you to update the look of your house, especially if the paint job is showing signs of wear and tear.

How to Paint Your House for the Holidays

The first thing you need to decide on is whether you’ll do the job on your own or hire professional residential painters. The holiday season is such a busy time. Adding house painting on your to-do list can make things even more stressful for you. So, unless you’re doing this at least a month or two before the holiday season kicks in, it’s best if you let a trusted painting company do the job.

Professional painters can ensure that your house is painted in time for the holidays – this is highly important especially if you’ve decided last minute to have your walls repainted. Furthermore, they can guarantee an excellent paint job that’s surely going to make your house look fresh. Lastly, by hiring professionals, you get to focus on other important holiday-related tasks and enjoy the festivities all around.

The next thing you need to think about is what the job would include. Will the entire house be repainted or just some key areas? If your walls are due for a repaint – i.e., they look dated or showing signs of wear, then it’s more cost-effective to paint the entire house.

Meanwhile, if you simply want to make your interiors look fresh for your guests, then you can limit the painting project on key areas in the house. Focus on rooms which your visitors will most likely see such as the living room, dining area and bathroom. Alternatively, you can simply paint an accent wall on certain rooms to complete your home’s holiday look. This is a good option if you’ve recently repainted your house or if you do not want to spend much on a paint job.

You also have to choose the paint colours you’d be using on your walls. While you may be repainting to add some holiday charm to your home, this doesn’t mean that you should use traditional holidays hues. When choosing a colour palette, you need to think long term unless you want to repaint when the next season comes in.

What colours should you use on your walls? It is best to stick to neutral colours like cream, beige or light grey. When choosing a colour palette, make sure that you take into consideration the colours of your decorations. On the other hand, if you really want to use a traditional holiday colour, you can use it to create an accent wall. Just be sure that your chosen hue complements the rest of your walls.

For this type of project, some opt to use warmer hues because it’s winter. When going this route, you need to remember that the cool weather won’t last all year long. Hence, it is best to avoid them or use them in areas which aren’t frequented like the guest bedroom.

Applying a fresh coat of paint on your walls is undoubtedly going to make your house look clean and inviting, making it an ideal venue for holiday gatherings. So, before you put up your decorations, hire a professional painting company to repaint your walls!

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