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How to Paint Your House Like a Pro

When people repaint their homes, their primary objective is to improve the property’s appearance. To be more precise, they want to make their houses look new. Surely, you have the same goal.

However, please know that repainting won’t automatically lead to a better-looking home. In fact, you might just end up with unsightly walls if this task is not done properly.

Simply put, the paint job needs to be professional-looking to achieve your goal of making your house look beautiful.

So, how do you make this happen? Well, the easiest way is to hire a trusted residential painter in Ireland. You see, a professional possesses the knowledge, skills and tools needed to come up with an exceptional paint job.

Alternatively, you can do this task on your own. Be forewarned though that it is not an easy undertaking, especially if you are doing this for the first time. But it is not an impossible feat for as long as you do things the right way.

To help you achieve the output you want, below are some tips on how to paint your house like a professional painter:

Learn About Painting Methods

Painting isn’t as straightforward as dipping the brush into the paint can and then applying it on the wall. There are techniques that must be employed to come up with a professional-looking finish.

Here’s a good example: “…when painting using rollers, many amateur painters’ outputs end up having lap marks – unsightly marks due to uneven layers of paint build up. To avoid this, maintain a wet edge. Roll quickly but gently from wet to dry area or toward the unpainted surface and back to the freshly painted spot.”

Unless you’d want to redo everything, make sure you read about painting methods and techniques before you start the actual work. More importantly, allot some time for practice painting. This is the best way to avoid amateur painting mistakes and achieve a decent-looking finish.

Use High Quality Painting Materials

On top of their skills, professional painters are able to deliver the best result because they do not scrimp on their materials. They understand that the kind of tools they use has an impact on the appearance and durability of the paint job.

You should do the same thing. Only use high quality materials, especially for your applicator. It is highly recommended that you avoid using low-cost brushes.

“…purchasing cheap brushes may be a good way of cutting painting costs; however, it can result in an untidy paint job. This is because bristles of cheap brushes easily shed. Hence, they can end up on the painted surface.”

Choose the Best Schedule

Working on your home’s exterior walls? Pros do not randomly pick a date for an exterior painting project. They decide on the schedule after checking weather forecasts.

Why do they do this?

“It is also important that you check the weather forecast for a stretch of days, around 3 to 4 days. This is because you certainly won’t finish the entire task in a day. Furthermore, you need your paint to cure properly. So, it is important that weather is still good two to three days after you started the project.”

To add:

“…you need optimal weather in order to achieve a high-quality and durable paint job on your exterior walls. Preferably, the temperature should not be over 21℃. Meanwhile, the humidity level must be between 50% to 60%.”

Stay Organised

Experienced painters are able to complete their projects on time because they are organised. They list all the mini-tasks they need to accomplish so they don’t miss any.

Furthermore, they schedule these little tasks in such a way that downtime is kept to a minimum. Employing this strategy can help you save time!

For example, while waiting for the washed walls to dry, you can start applying the first coat of paint on your ceiling.“

Don’t Skip Prep Work

The prep work done prior to the actual painting significantly affects the quality of the paint job. A lot of problems can arise if you skip painting prep work. For example, not scraping chipped or peeling paint on a surface can make your paint job look rough. Additionally, flaking paint and dirty walls, trims and ceilings can prevent paint from sticking onto the surface.”

Hence, make sure you do not skip the prep work as it is integral in attaining a smooth and long-lasting finish. Moreover, be thorough when you do this task. Make sure you do not miss any step as each one is necessary for you to achieve what you want – a paint job that looks good and durable.

Get a professional-looking paint job minus the hassle. Hire an experienced residential painter in Ireland. Call us today at 86 608 1817 / 085 139 0233.

Image by tookapic from Pixabay

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