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Modern Colour Styles for Painting Your Living Room

Your living room is the ultimate hangout spot in your house. It showcases your personality and sense of style. There’s no reason to keep it dull! These six eye-catching colour trends will transform your space into a living room as lively as you are.

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Do the bright thing

Neutrals are a popular choice for living room walls. They’re easy on the eyes, but sometimes they can feel a bit drab. According to the latest interior decorating trend, the solution to a blah beige is a horizontal stripe of colour along the top and/or bottom of the walls. Liven up your living room with a border of vibrant coral or an enticing jewel tone. The colour will dazzle without overwhelming your space. And the best part? This trend doubles as a trick to make a small room appear wider and more spacious.

Little white lines

Try a high gloss white trim against a warm, mellow colour, like taupe or dusty rose. The result is a room that is classically beautiful: regal, with a hint of vintage charm, yet undeniably fresh and interesting.

Splash of the ’70s

Delightfully retro oranges and acid limes will make your living room a cheerful, memorable space. These fun shades might seem rather bold, but they often interact with natural light better than a solid primary colour would.

Lovely, dark and deep

When it comes to painting a living room, many people hew toward the paler hues–but you shouldn’t be afraid to go dark. Elegant eggplants, midnight violets, and even blacks are unexpected colours in a living room, and the effect is rich and glamourous. Plus, you (and your guests!) will love the visual contrast. Deeper colours on the walls draw attention to your lighter furniture and make your favourite accessories pop.

Under the sea

Aquatic blues aren’t just for the bathroom. Color psychology tells us that blue is the colour of peace and serenity, so why not apply it to your most comfortable room? From powder blue to turquoise to cobalt, experiment with different shades to experience a nautical holiday without leaving the house.

Off-white? On trend

Variations on off-white have been dominating living rooms lately. As white’s softer, less clinical sister, off-white pairs well with other colours. Trendy off-whites like eggshell and alabaster are especially suitable for a living room that gets a lot of natural light. The look is simple, but it doesn’t have to be boring. Walls, carpets, and furniture in different shades of off-white work together to create a monochrome living room that is as refreshingly minimalist as it is heavenly.

Whether you’re aiming for classic sophistication or modern fun, Painting-Dublin can help realise the living room of your dreams. Contact us today by phone (086 608 1817) or send us an email at You can also complete a contact form on our website. We can’t wait to hear from you and set up your first appointment.

To learn more about Our Painting Services please call us now on 086 608 1817.

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