How To Paint Uneven Walls

How To Paint Uneven Walls

May 27, 2017

Uneven walls, due to cracks and/or holes, are eyesores that must be fixed, especially if you want to improve your home’s appearance. Keep in mind, however, that a simple paint job does not make the imperfections less visible. Fact is, when the wrong type of paint is used, these flaws become more noticeable. So, before painting uneven walls, you must learn about strategies used by professionals to fix this problem.

Fix The Imperfections First

Patching holes and other imperfections on walls is highly recommended, especially if you’re going to use paints with shinier or semi-gloss finish. You can fix or remove these imperfections using spackle or joint compound. A spackle, available in powder form and ready-made paste, is typically used to fix small holes and cracks. Meanwhile, a joint compound, also referred to drywall mud, is utilised to patch large holes and cover joints between panels.

How do you use these materials? For spackle, after sanding the area to remove fragments and scraping loose paint, scoop just enough spackle to fill the hole or crack. Spread the compound over the hole or crack until it’s completely filled. As spackle tends to shrink once it dries out, you may need to reapply a small amount of spackle. Repeat this until the patch is even with the wall surface. If you applied too much spackle causing a slight lump, sand the patch until it is as flat as the surrounding areas.

For joint compound, the process usually begins with using a self-adhesive mesh patch to cover the hole on the wall. The compound is applied on the mesh to hide it. If necessary, a second coat of joint compound may be applied. Then, the patch is sanded to make it smooth and flat.

Meanwhile, if the wall has large areas of uneven surface, try skim coating the entire wall. A texturing technique, skim coating is the application of joint compound on the wall to make it smooth. Admittedly, this is a laborious task that requires expertise and proper tools. Hence, consider hiring professional painters to skim coat and paint your uneven walls to ensure that the best outcome is achieved.

Use Painting Techniques To Cover Uneven Walls

Another way to address uneven walls is to use decorative painting techniques like textured painting and faux painting techniques. Using these approaches is like hitting two birds with one stone as you not only cover surface flaws but also give your walls a decorative look. Plus, you also don’t have to spend a lot!

In textured painting, the outcome or look depends on your chosen paint texture, technique, design and tools. As you can use just about any tool, from sponges to your own fingers, the patterns or designs you can create are countless.

Meanwhile, faux painting, also called faux finishing, refers to a decorative paint finish that imitates the look or appearance of another material. Using this technique, scratches and dents on your walls may be incorporated into the design giving the wall an antique or a distressed appearance. The easiest faux finishing technique is sponging. Other tools used include putty knives, rags and trowels. For excellent results, pick base and glaze coat shades of different tones but from the same colour family.

Replace The Drywall

Installing a new drywall is the most straightforward solution to uneven walls. However, apart from being costly, it’s also time-consuming. Also, this option should only be considered when no amount of patching or skim coating could restore the walls because they are badly battered or have holes bigger than 6”x 6”.

Admittedly, painting uneven or damaged walls is a challenging task for amateurs. It is best to tap the services of professional painters to ensure your uneven walls are restored properly and beautifully.

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