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Painting Your New Home in Dublin

Just moved into your new home in the lovely city of Dublin only to find that it needs a fresh coat of paint? New tenants moving in but your flat/home looks unwelcoming? Or maybe you’ve gotten tired of seeing the same boring walls year in year out and want to give your home a fresh coat of paint. Whatever your needs might be, Painters Dublin is just a call away from lending you a helping hand!

Our employees have years of experience and have worked on a wide range of projects over the years we’ve been in business! We’ve not only worked on homes and apartments but are proudly associated with some of the most prestigious businesses and organisations in Dublin including Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong, The Jelly Bean Factory, Maldron Hotel, Custom House Square Medical Centre, and more.

Here are the key services we offer to our clients, both private and commercial, all over Dublin:


Just adding a fresh coat of paint can totally transform your home! We can take care of all your home painting needs – we do both interior and exterior painting with a plethora of washing options. Whether it’s your living room walls or your roof, we’ve got it covered. Rest assured that our expert painters will get the job done with the minimum fuss as we’ll handle all the logistics of moving things around!

Kitchen Spraying

Need your kitchen cabinets redone from top to bottom. We have experts who’ve just specialised in this particular service for years who’ll transform your kitchen before you even know it. If you want, the kitchen doors and countertops can be taken care of as well. Kitchen spraying is a messy affair, but we’ll take the burden off your shoulders by taking care of all the mess and heavy lifting.

Plastering Services

Leaving for a long vacation or moving out to your new home while still keeping the old one? Whatever the reason might be, keeping your furniture, valuables, and walls covered is a must if you know that no one will be taking care of the place in a while. We use durable, environmentally friendly, but non-biodegradable plastic materials to cover up your home, ensuring years of protection if necessary.

Wallpaper Services

Want to do more than just simply splash a coat of paint on the walls? Take your pick from our extensive collection of wallpapers and give your room the signature look and ambience you want. Our expert handymen will spruce up your walls before you even know, and that too at a reasonable price! Just call us up for a booking, and we’ll transform your walls before you even know it.

Need to paint your new house in Dublin? Call us today on 086 608 1817 / 085 139 0233 or leave us a message on our website to get a free quote.

Painting Dublin
Painting Dublin
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