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Should You Paint Your House in the Summer?

Make the most out of summer by undertaking home improvement projects like painting your house. Yes, you can schedule house painting during summer. You probably read that spring is the best time to repaint your house, especially its exterior walls. This does not mean though that you can’t paint your house in summer. In fact, this season is also a good time to schedule this task.

So, if you think your walls need a fresh coat of paint, there is really no need to wait for spring. You can make them look as good as new this summer.

A word of caution:

When you paint your house in summer, expect it to be extremely challenging, especially if you are working on its exterior. This is mainly because of the hot weather. So, if you plan to take on this project on your own, below are some tips on how to efficiently do this task.

Have Sun Protection

Make sure that you have protection from the scorching heat of the sun. Apply sunscreen to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. Wear a cap or hat as well. Choose clothes which are comfortable and appropriate for the hot weather. Most importantly, stay hydrated – take water breaks if you need to.

Check the Weather Forecast

Just because it is summer, it does not mean that you are going to have favourable weather conditions for painting the entire season. Some of the things you need to take note of, particularly for outdoor painting, are the windiness, temperature and humidity level.

Avoid painting on a windy day because this can have negative effects on your paint job. To be more specific, you might end up with a messy output. Remember, the wind carries with it dust and debris. These things can end up on your walls and affect the appearance of your paint job.

Ideally, you want a day which is not too hot, preferably the temperature should not exceed 21℃. Most people think that summer is a good time to paint because the heat helps paint cure quicker. However, when temperatures are too high, paint dries too fast and becomes less durable. Eventually, the paint job becomes susceptible to cracking or flaking.

You also want humidity levels to be between 50% to 60%. Anywhere beyond 60% can slow down the drying time of your paint and weaken its protective qualities. Furthermore, high humidity levels mean more water vapour ending up on your undried paint. When this happens, the paint won’t stick firmly on the surface. This can lead to your paint peeling or bubbling.

Generally, what’s recommended is to schedule house painting during the early days of summer. Around this time, the temperature and humidity level are not too high.

Don’t Paint During the Middle of the Day

Avoid painting midday since this is usually the hottest time. It is best if you start working early in the morning, preferably before 10.

If weather conditions in the afternoon are still favourable for painting, you may continue working but make sure it isn’t too hot. What you can do is to resume two hours before the sun sets so that the paint has ample time to cure before condensation happens.

Observe the Chasing-the-Shade Technique

The temperature of the surface you would be painting on is as important as the temperature of the surroundings. Basically, you should not paint on an extremely hot surface or one that is directly exposed to sunlight. Under these conditions, paint is bound to dry quickly. As mentioned earlier, too much heat can cause the paint to wrinkle or crack. Furthermore, you may end up with a fuzzy film on your paint job.

What you can do to avoid the aforementioned problems is to employ the chasing-the-shade technique. This simply means painting on surfaces which are under the shade or those that are not directly under the sun.

Undeniably, painting a house, especially during summer, is not meant for amateurs. Unless you have the know-how, skills and tools, it is best to let professional painters do this job to get excellent results.

Need to paint your house this summer? Let our experienced professional painters do the job! Call us now at 086 608 1817 / 085 139 0233.

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