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Tips on Finding Commercial Exterior Painting Services in Ireland

Tips on Finding Commercial Exterior Painting Services in Ireland

The appearance of your shop or commercial establishment’s exterior walls matters. They are the first thing that customers see – what they base their initial impression of your business on. Hence, it is important that your exterior walls get enough TLC like your interior walls.

To keep them looking pristine, it is highly recommended that you paint them at least once every three to five years. You can even schedule it earlier, especially when signs of wear and tear have become visible.

But simply adding a fresh coat of paint won’t do the trick. The paint job needs to be professional-looking if you truly want to improve the building’s aesthetics. Only an experienced exterior painting contractor for commercial establishments can deliver this kind of paint job. It’s important to make sure the surrounding areas, such as the driveway and parking place are all in good condition, too.

On top of a beautiful-looking finish, a professional painter is guaranteed to provide durable work. It is money well spent for you as the paint job is going to last many years.

The question now is what do you need to do to find the right commercial painter for your exterior walls. We have some tips below which you can use as a guide in the selection process.

Leverage the Internet When Searching for a Company

Nowadays, there are two ways you can search for a painting contractor. There is the traditional method which entails asking for referrals from your friends or business contacts. The other option is to use the Internet – the so-called modern way of finding service providers.

While you can use any of the two, the latter is undeniably more powerful in that you get to find several contractors with just a few mouse clicks. All you have to do is to enter your query and wait for the search engine to generate results.

What is even great about searching online is you can narrow your search based on your location.

For example, if you are from Dublin, you can use the search term “exterior painting company Dublin” and you’ll get a list of painting contractors in the area.

Aside from getting pages upon pages of options, the Internet makes it easier for you to gather information about the company and communicate with them.

Shortlisting Commercial Exterior Painting Companies

What you have to remember though when doing an Internet search is that you do not immediately pick a provider without knowing pertinent information about them.

So, the next step after checking the search engine results page is to create a shortlist of around five companies. Then, research on each one of them. Doing this is essential in making an informed decision.

As mentioned earlier, nowadays, you can learn more about a company using the Internet. You can go straight to the painting contractor’s website to learn about its contact details, the services it offers and even its painting rates.

Some commercial painting companies even post portfolios or photos of the works they have done on their website. The availability of these images online makes it easier for you to have an idea about the contractor’s quality of work.

Check the Reviews on Exterior Painting Service Providers

Aside from the contractor’s portfolio, one of the things you should not fail to check is their reviews. These testimonials are good sources of information, especially when it comes to the contractor’s reputation. Just by reading the feedback, you would learn a lot about the company’s quality of work and service.

Some painters post client testimonials on their website. If you do not find any, search online for business directory pages and home improvement fora.

Get in Touch with the Commercial Exterior Painting Companies

After checking their portfolio and reviews, the next step is to contact the painters on your list and request for a quote.

A good company would not just send you a standard or pre-made quote. They are going to gather information about your property, even request for photos, to provide an accurate estimate of the painting cost.

Hence, just by requesting a quote, you would have an idea which company has your best interest in mind.

Aside from getting for a quote, ask the painting contractor about matters that you need to clarify – when they can start, their work process, insurance, etc. This is also a good opportunity for you to gauge if you can build a good relationship with the company. Remember, the success of the project also hinges on how well you can work with each other.

In summary, getting excellent exterior painting services means hiring a company with a proven reputation for providing top-notch paint job and service at a reasonable price.

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