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Wallpapering or Painting- Which Should You Choose?

Glueing Wallpapers for Apartment in Dublin During Renovation

Deciding on the right treatment of walls is not an easy task. Given the wide variety of options, you can quickly get confused. Moreover, the wrong choice could prove disastrous.

Most homeowners are confused between two famous options, wallpapering, and painting. Here’s how we compare paint and wallpapering on their essential factors:

Variety in Wallpapering

Variety in colour and designs are something we all need. Both paint and wallpaper provide numerous options.

Paint is available in all colours, and you can mix to form a particular colour. Additionally, paint can create stunning effects on your walls. It indeed can be aesthetic for your home.

Wallpapering is also available in a wide variety of colours and patterns. Moreover, they have different contours in general. It not only makes the walls look attractive but are easier to manage.

Wallpapering and Painting: Ease of application

Between the two, paint is the more comfortable and less fussy option. It takes 2-3 days to paint and dry the walls properly. However, it makes a lot of mess in the room. Paint also enables putting a new coating to an old wall, which is easy.

Wallpapering application is a job well tackled by an expert. The process is time-consuming and needs high patience, and the same is valid for stripping wallpaper. New wallpaper cannot be applied on top of the old one.

Durability of wall

Good quality paint on walls can last you five years. Usually, people have to change it within three years due to extreme wear and cracks. The colour tends to flake and fade in certain areas. It could be due to over usage or intensity of sunlight.

On the other hand, you can use wallpaper for a long time. A one-time application may last for about 10-12 years. Even though it is tough to apply, the long term capability is present. However, wallpaper is not immune to tearing.

How expensive is wallpapering? 

Paint is a relatively cheaper option since it is widely available. Also, the colours aren’t that hard to find, and you could always mix. The time, skill, and effort required are even less.

Wallpaper is the more expensive of the two because it is tough to apply. It will be a more cost-efficient option in the long-term.

Type of Usage

While the colour is suitable for all areas of the house, try not to give it too much sun exposure. Since wallpaper can be easily torn or damaged, avoid using it in children’s rooms.

Maintenance of wallpapering and painting

Paint usually requires a yearly touch up so that the glow remains. You need to consult the care instructions for each painting.

Wallpapers are relatively easier to maintain. Use a wet cloth to wipe now and then, and you’re right!

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