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What Factors Affect a Painting Contractor’s Fees?


Hiring professional painters to work on the exterior and/or interior walls of your home is a smart decision.

After all, contrary to what some homeowners think, taking on a house painting project is not a walk in the park. This task requires expertise to come up with an excellent and durable output without delays.

Despite the advantages of hiring seasoned painting contractors, some still opt to take the DIY route to save on labour fees.

It is worth noting, however, that the fees of professionals aren’t that expensive. Furthermore, as compared to an amateur doing it, this option is more cost-effective since it is bound to last long and the turnaround time is quicker.

So, how much would it cost to hire a professional painting contractor in Ireland? There are various factors which affect labour fees for this kind of project. We’ve listed some of them below:

Experience of Painters            

One factor which can affect the labour fees of a painting contractor is experience. You can expect a company that’s been operating for several years to have a slightly higher rate than neophytes.


Well, an established company employs painters who are trained to do this job. Furthermore, these painters have been honing their craft for years. These experts can finish projects within the set deadline without compromising quality.


Hiring a reputable painting company means ensuring that you get your money’s worth – superb paint job without delays.

How Intensive the Prep Work Is

The current state of your house/walls also has an impact on the labour fees. If it is old and/or is not well maintained, then it might require more prep time.

For example, scrubbing the siding of an old house requires more time than working on a newer one. Similarly, if the walls have wallpaper, stripping them off adds to the prep time of the painter.

Basically, the more complicated the prep work is, the more time is required to accomplish the task. Consequently, more time means additional labour costs.

Repairs and Improvements

In addition to the standard prep work, some painters also offer repair and improvement work. Some of the tasks that fall under this category include patching holes, drywall repair and mould remediation.

Most painting contractors charge a different rate or fee for these additional tasks. Some charge based on the floor area or size. There are also those who opt for a fixed rate.

Turnaround Time

Projects that require a shorter turnaround time cost more. This is because the painters are going to render extra hours (overtime) to keep up with the deadline. This means working in the evenings or over the weekend.

Another option that some contractors take is to add more people to the project. For example, instead of deploying 3 painters, they’d be doubling the number to finish the job on time.

Whatever strategy the company employs, it’s going to require more money. Hence, you can expect the labour fees to be higher for a rushed project.

Size of the House

This is, perhaps, one of the factors that can significantly affect the contractor’s fees. The bigger the house, the higher the labour cost would be.

So, the labour fee for painting a one-storey house is understandably cheaper than that of a two-storey home.

The area being painted on also can affect the fees. There are some contractors who charge more for painting exterior walls.

Clearly, there are various things which can affect the labour fees of a painting contractor. To avoid misunderstandings later on, it is best that you sit down with your chosen painter to find out more about its rates.

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