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Best Interior Paint Colours to Sell a House

Yes, repainting your house before selling it can increase its market value. Furthermore, it can even help sell your property faster.

However, you need to pick the right paint colours to reap the benefits of this house painting project. Otherwise, instead of attracting more home buyers, you may end up driving them away. Worst, you may get offers lower than your asking price and your property may stay on the market longer than what’s acceptable. Keep in mind, longer days on market can drastically pull down a property’s value.

According to research, home buyers nowadays prefer houses which have a splash of cool neutrals. In fact, compared with properties sporting traditional all-white or all-tan paint work, those with refreshing hues tend to sell at a higher price. However, this does not mean that all-time favourite neutrals like beige and white are out. These hues still work on certain rooms and when paired with the right shade.

So, what are the best paint colours to use on a house for sale? Blue seems to be the most appealing hue for many home buyers. Based on a study, certain rooms become more attractive when painted with hues belonging to the blue family. Furthermore, these properties tend to sell at a higher price.

For example, the kitchen, one of the important rooms in a house for sale, fetches more money when its walls are painted with light blue or soft grey tones. Moreover, when paired with white countertops and cabinets, blue walls give kitchens a trendy and exquisite look. Meanwhile, using shades of yellow like marigold and straw can pull down your home’s value.

The bathroom is another house space that becomes more appealing when painted with shades of blue. Properties with washrooms sporting periwinkle or pale blue sold for over € 4,000 more. Hence, if you want to get more money, consider these hues and avoid eggshell white or off-white for your bathroom. Although white is the go-to paint colour, especially when it comes to washrooms, it does not help in increasing a property’s value. In fact, houses with white bath areas sold for an average of €3,000 less than their selling price.

Blue is also the best-selling colour for bedrooms and dining rooms. Vibrant shades of blue like cadet blue and cerulean are ideal for bedrooms. Navy blue and slate blue are highly recommended for dining areas. Some of the colours you should avoid are pink (even the lightest shade) for bedrooms and red, specifically brick red, for the dining spaces.

Why does blue appeal with many home buyers? Apart from making rooms appear larger, shades of blue give spaces a soothing and relaxing ambience. Furthermore, they are neutral and natural-looking enough to enable home buyers to visualise how they can transform the room into their own personal sanctuary.

For the living room, traditional brown neutrals like oatmeal, pale taupe and light beige are the excellent choices. If blue made kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms more valuable, it doesn’t have the same effect on living spaces. According to the study, blue living rooms caused properties to sell at a lower price.

Lastly, for your house exterior, consider a combination of grey and beige, also referred to as “greige”. Compared with houses painted in taupe or medium brown, properties in “greige” sold at a higher price. In addition to navy blue, grey is also the recommended colour for front doors.

There’s no doubt that using the right paint colours can help sell your house faster and for money. Just make sure that, apart from using the recommended hues, you also get the services of professional house painters. Keep in mind, home buyers also pay attention to the quality of the paint job. A sloppy paint work may result in lower offers; it may even make buyers less interested in the property.

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