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Does Respraying Your Kitchen Work?

If your goal is to hide stains and damages on your cabinets or update the look of your kitchen, then respraying is an option you should consider. Respraying your kitchen cabinet can give it a fresh, new look, and it’s likely to be the most cost-effective way to update the space.

However, this method is only effective in improving the look of your kitchen if it is done the right way. Respraying may seem easy, but it is not, especially for someone who has no experience doing it. Hence, if you truly want to achieve the best results, hire professionals to spray paint your kitchen cabinet.

What Is a Kitchen Respray?

Respraying your kitchen cabinets is a method of painting them. The respray process can be used to restore your kitchen to a “like new” condition, or it can be used to change the design of your kitchen at a fraction of the cost compared to replacing your cabinets.

To add, it is a faster way of updating the look of your kitchen. Moreover, with this method, you can expect minimal disruption to your home while you complete the job!

The respraying process has been around for decades and has been used by homeowners and domestic painters worldwide. It is named as such because a sprayer is used in applying the paint instead of a brush or roller.

Is Kitchen Respraying the Right Choice for You?

Admittedly, respraying kitchen cabinets is not for everyone. To be more specific, it shouldn’t be an option if your cabinets are significantly damaged. Spray painting them may hide the imperfections but won’t address issues involving their usability or safety. So, only consider this method if your cabinets are still in good condition.

Respraying is also a viable option if you need a fast way to refresh your kitchen. Many say this method takes longer than painting using a brush or roller. However, this is only true for amateur painters or DIYers who have no knowledge and experience in spray painting. The truth is that many professional painters prefer this method because it enables them to accomplish the job quickly.

Lastly, spray painting is an excellent choice if you want to achieve smooth coverage. When you use a sprayer, you don’t have to worry about your cabinets having visible brush strokes or lap marks. You can easily have a nice even finish and won’t even have to spend time touching up or sanding the surface after applying the paint.

Is It Cheaper to Respray Your Kitchen Cabinets than to Replace Them?

In most cases, spray painting is easier on the pocket than buying and installing new cabinetry. It is worth mentioning that the overall cost fluctuates depending on factors such as the size of the cabinet and labour fees.

The bigger your cabinet, the higher your kitchen respray cost will be. Moreover, you can expect to spend more if you hire professional painters instead of doing it yourself.

It is worth mentioning that certain things can affect the fees of professional house painters. One of them is their experience. Seasoned painters charge higher than those who are relatively new to this profession. Another is the condition of the cabinet. Expect to pay more if the cabinets have peeling paint or greasy doors. The reason for this is that these structures would entail more work, such as stripping the paint and degreasing the door.

To give you an idea, if you hire a contractor or an expert painter who knows what they’re doing (and not just anyone with a brush), you can expect to pay around €800 to €1,200 for small cabinets and €1600 to €3,000 for larger ones. These figures may seem huge, but they are lower by around 20% to 25% than the cost of buying and installing new cabinets.

How Long Does Kitchen Respraying Take?

The length of time it takes to complete a kitchen respray depends on the size of your kitchen, how much preparation needs to be done, and whether you have any obstacles that need to be removed before work can commence.

The bigger the kitchen cabinet, the more time is needed to complete the task. Similarly, kitchens with lots of appliances and furnishings may take longer than others because these items must first be removed before painting can begin. Plus, time is needed to put them back in place after the work is done.

Professional painters finish respraying kitchen cabinets in a day or two on average. The prep work and drying time usually take up the most time.

While kitchen respraying is one of the most popular ways to make your home stand out, you shouldn’t choose it just because everyone is doing it. Numerous factors need to be considered before respraying becomes a viable option. To avoid regrets and wasting your resources, it is best to do your homework first.

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