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Hiring a Painting Contractor? Questions You Must Ask

How To Paint A Room Professionally

Hiring a painting contractor to repaint your house or commercial building is an excellent decision. While it may seem easy, painting is a time-consuming and taxing endeavour, especially for amateur painters. When you get a professional painter, you can devote your time on more important tasks and avoid stress.

In addition, with professional painters at the helm, you can rest easy knowing that the project is going to be finished on time. Most importantly, it’s a good way of ensuring a visually-appealing and long-lasting paint job.

There’s no denying that tapping the services of professional painters has a lot of benefits. However, simply hiring a pro does not automatically guarantee that you are going to reap all the aforementioned benefits.

Not all painting contractors are the same. There are newbies in the industry and there are also some established ones. Some are big with a dozen or two employees, while others have less than ten. Simply put, if you want to get your money’s worth, do not choose just any painting contractor; pick the right one.

You need to be meticulous in your selection process if you want to hire the best painting contractor in Dublin. Learn as much as you can about the painters you are considering. Do not just solely focus on their fees or rates. Ask about their company, credentials, employees, etc.

Important Questions to Ask Your Painting Contractor

Below are some questions which can help you find the right painter for your home or building improvement project:

How long have you been doing this job? Painting is a skill that gets honed with repeated practice. Hence, the longer painter has been in the industry or the more projects he has done, the more experienced he is. You can count on him to possess the techniques and skills necessary to produce a high-quality paint job.

What past painting projects have you done? Painters have niche markets, too. Some pros only work on houses, others specialise on painting commercial establishments. Then, there are also those who do both. Naturally, you want someone experienced in the area you’re concern with, i.e., a residential painter for your house. This way, when issues arise, you are confident that he can address it immediately since it is his area of expertise.

When asking about past painting projects, make sure you request for his portfolio. By looking at photos of his previous work, you’d have an idea of the quality of his paint job and if it meets your requirements.

Also request for at least three references you can contact. Talking to past clients is a good way of learning more about the contractor – not just the quality of his work but also his work ethics.

What materials do you use? Aside from the skill level of your painter, the quality of the materials he uses also has an impact on the outcome of the paint job. Unfortunately, to save on cost and have more profit, some painting contractors scrimp on the materials they use. This is not something you’d want. After all, one of the reasons you’re hiring a professional is to get an excellent output.

So, inquire about the materials, especially the paints, he uses. Ask him about the pros and cons of the products. Let him know what your goal is – visually-appealing and durable paint job – and ask if the materials would be able to deliver the results you require.

Do you have insurance? Some professional painters forego getting an insurance. Avoid these contractors! Your chosen painting company needs to have a liability insurance. It’s not just for the workers’ protection but also yours.

If your property accidentally gets damaged during the course of the project, the insurance is going to pay for these damages. If your contractor has no insurance, there’s no guarantee that you’re going to get paid. Similarly, the insurance is meant to protect you from liability in case one of the workers gets injured on the job.

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