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Professional Painting Contractors – How to Work with Them

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Is your house or building already due for a repaint? If it is, then make sure you hire a professional painting contractor.

Keep in mind, one of the reasons why you’re a applying a fresh coat of paint on your property is to improve its appearance. To achieve this, the paint job needs to be professional-looking. Admittedly, a visually-appealing and long-lasting paint job requires expertise. This is one of the most compelling reasons why it is important that you hire a trusted painting contractor. Professional residential and commercial painters are equipped with the skills and the tools necessary to deliver an excellent paint job.

So, do not hesitate to hire pros for your painting project. Furthermore, while going the DIY route or hiring amateurs allows you to save on fees, it may not be cost-effective in the long run. If the paint job is sloppy, it is not going to be aesthetically-appealing and durable. Hence, you are most likely going to redo the paint job, resulting in additional expenses.

It should not be difficult to find professional painters these days. Many of them have websites and/or advertise their services online. Just remember to do your due diligence before hiring one. Check their reputation and get feedback from previous clients. Moreover, do the following tips below to ensure that the painting project runs smoothly.

List down what needs to be done. Identify the areas that require fixing and what work needs to be accomplished. This is not just solely about what parts of the house need a fresh coat of paint. You must also determine if some surfaces have small holes or dents which must be repaired prior to painting.

Know and understand the services the painting contractor offers. Nowadays, painting contractors are not just limited to doing paint jobs. Some offer other decorating or property improvement services like wallpapering, kitchen cabinet painting or refinishing, drywall repair, etc. In case your house requires more work, i.e. the drywall needs to be replaced, then it might be more economical to let your chosen painting contractor do the job (if they offer this service) instead of hiring another company.

Request for a written estimate. Of course, before the actual work starts, you need to know how much you’d be spending. Apart from giving your contractor your list, let them go around your property so that they can thoroughly examine it. This would enable them to assess the kind of work that needs to be done as well as come up with a more accurate figure. Professional painting contractors provide a written quotation and/or proposal. Ideally, the proposal should contain specifics of the services the contractor is going to perform. This is also going to serve as your guide as well as the painters on how the project is going to be executed – from start to finish.

Fix areas that require repair. Any structural damage present (which your painting company cannot fix) should be addressed before your painters start working. Be conscientious about this. Remember, if the necessary repairs aren’t done early, it can affect the painting schedule and altogether delay the entire project.

Decide on a colour palette. One of the most important tasks that you need to accomplish for this project is choosing your colour palette. For some, deciding on what colours to use is a walk in the park. For others, it is a daunting task given the numerous options available. If you are having a tough time deciding, do not hesitate to consult your chosen painting company. With their expertise, they can give you advise on what colours suit your project.

Inform people concerned about the painting project. If you are repainting your house, then you must let your neighbours know about this, especially if it involves your home’s exterior. This is to allow them to make the necessary adjustments like move outdoor fixtures before the project commences. This also holds true if you are repainting the interior of your office. Employees must be informed so that they can complete essential tasks and secure important documents before the contractors come in.

Prepare the area where the work will be done. It is part of the painting company’s job to ensure that your belongings are protected while the work is on-going. This includes removing the furniture and other equipment. However, if you have valuables and other fragile stuff you want to keep safe, remove them early on. Meanwhile, if the project concerns your home’s exterior, make sure that outdoor electrical outlets and water spigots are properly working.

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