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How To Brighten Up a Dark Living Room in 7 Easy Ways

How To Brighten Up a Dark Living Room in 7 Easy Ways

Ireland often has cloudy, damp weather, which can often leave homes appearing dull inside. Your living room might seem even darker if it faces north, or if nearby trees are blocking the light. You might think it’s impossible to improve the ambience of your living room, but there are many creative and inexpensive decorating tips you can easily follow. Implementing these 7 easy tips will instantly help your living room to become light, bright, and welcoming.

1. Choose A Light Colour Scheme

Brightening up a dark living room must begin with the overall colour scheme of the room. Lighter colours like white are ideal as they increase the volume of light that reflects on walls and ceilings. However, to avoid your living room looking stark and clinical, choose a hint of colour for a feature wall. Imaginative interior painting can use this additional shade in a bold, vibrant tone to highlight cornices, beading on doors and even skirting boards. A high-quality gloss finish will also intensify the amount of light your living room receives.

2. Using Mirrors to Increase Light

Strategically placed mirrors can make the most of the light in your living room. Near or opposite windows are traditionally the best location for maximising natural daylight. At night, a mirror placed near a table lamp doubles the amount of artificial light in the room. Creative ideas could include mirrored tiles lining an alcove or even an entire wall. However, be discreet in how you use them as too many mirrors create an unsettling effect.

3. How to Brighten Up a Dark Living Room

Illumination is a key element in brightening a room, even in the daytime! Fairy lights are very much in vogue. They add a discreet sparkle without being overpowering. Drape them around large indoor plants or along shelves. Strips of tiny LED bulbs look sophisticated when edging a ceiling. LED lighting is generally economical to run, but you can economise even more if it’s powered by domestic PV systems. Consider placing spotlights on the ceiling or the floor to cast a vertical beam of light in the gloomiest corners.

4. Transparent and Polished Surfaces

Your living room could appear instantly lighter if you change its door for one with glass panels. It’s particularly effective if the door is an opposite south-facing window in the hallway. The furniture in your living room can also help add light. Consider occasional tables made of shiny aluminium and glass. A useful tip is to regularly clean glass and metal to ensure their surfaces are free of dust that could affect their reflective qualities. The doors on sideboards or display cabinets can be treated to a new lease of life if they are professionally spray painted. Choose a pale colour with a gloss finish for maximum impact.

5. How Flooring Increases Light

Wooden flooring in a fashionable pale grey stain is an ideal choice for making your living room appear bright. You can also opt for marble tiles that should provide your living room with luxurious glamour. Without fitted carpets, your living room may feel much colder than usual. However, if you take the opportunity to install a heating source such as far infrared heaters your living room should still feel warm and cosy. Alternatively, to make the room feel more energised, you could add a large, colourful rug.

6. Decluttering Your Living Room

A cluttered room filled with ornaments and paintings prevents light from reflecting around the room. Windows dressed in layers of curtains can also significantly reduce the amount of natural daylight your living room receives. Remove as many items as possible and opt for windows without curtains to ensure maximum daylight floods in. Clean windows regularly to let more light through. Choose simple roller blinds for privacy at night. To avoid your living room looking too bare, wallpapering a feature wall adds a stylish touch.

7. Minimalist Furniture Brightens a Dark Living Room

Large items of furniture immediately restrict the light flowing into the room. Replace large, bulky sofas and tall cabinets with low, minimalist designs. Chairs with tubular metal frames can improve light levels while adding a contemporary, industrial-chic image. Consider furniture with glossy paintwork instead of upholstery to help increase reflective light. Leave plenty of space between items of furniture to help light travel unhindered throughout your living room.


Imaginative tips such as using mirrors and tubular furniture can help enormously with allowing more light into your living room. However, one of the most effective ways is to use bright colour schemes and glossy paintwork to reflect as much light as possible. Dispense with upholstery and carpets, but remember to keep your room cosy and warm. 

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