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Painting the Ceilings? Watch Out for These 5 Mistakes

Are you thinking about painting the ceilings of your home, there are a few things to keep in mind. Whether it’s an accent wall or the entire room, painting is not just about being able to pick up a brush and go. It can be more complicated than that when dealing with ceilings, especially if you’re trying to avoid mistakes and save money on supplies. In this post, we’ll dive into some common mistakes people have when painting their ceilings.

Sloppy Taping When Painting the Ceilings

If you’re painting the ceilings, chances are you’ll tape off any trim or moulding to ensure that your paint job stays neat and tidy. But in your haste, it can be easy to get sloppy with the taping and end up with wrinkles on the ceiling. To avoid this, make sure to use painter’s tape (not duct tape) and apply it smoothly using a straightedge and plenty of pressure. The goal is to not have any wrinkles on the tape when it’s removed. If there are any, go back over those areas until they’re completely smooth.

Forgetting to Prime

If you’re going to spend money on paint, make sure you get the best results by priming your surface. Primer helps a paint job stick better by filling in minor imperfections in the surface of the wall or ceiling, making sure your new coat can adhere as well as possible.

Avoid using too little primer. It’s tempting to save money by using only a small amount of primer and then painting over it—but this is a bad idea because it won’t take long before you’ll find yourself needing another coat of paint or two because there isn’t much holding that first layer together anymore! If you want good results, use plenty of primer so each successive coat gets something substantial built up beneath it.

Improper Blending and Rolling

Proper paint blending and rolling are key to a professional finish. If you don’t blend the paint well, it can look patchy and uneven when dry.

Make sure you use the right tools for blending and rolling. A brush with a long handle will help you reach high up into the ceiling. A paint roller with a long handle allows you to reach into narrow corners where your body might not fit comfortably, such as around light fixtures or other structural items that extend from the ceiling area.

Poor Preparation

To get the most out of your paint job and avoid mistakes, make sure to prepare for the paint job properly. First, have enough paint on hand so that you don’t have to keep running back and forth from the store. This is especially important if you’re painting a large room like an office or living room. Next, remove any furniture that will get in the way of your brush or roller, This makes it easier to have access and coverage but it also protects against accidental damage. Finally, make sure that the ceilings are clean and dry before starting work. Keep in mind that a wet surface will repel moisture from the new coat of paint.

Not Using a Drop Cloth

If paint gets on an object that isn’t protected by a drop cloth, it can damage the object and it’s likely that the paint would drip and end up on the floor too. This means more dirty cleaning later on! Be sure not only to cover up everything around where you’re working but also beneath it as well.

These five mistakes can be easily made by anyone, especially those who lack the knowledge and experience to do it. The best option for you to take is to get the help of professional experienced painters. Professionals follow a process that avoids making these mistakes at all times ensuring that your ceilings are painted very well with little to no errors.

If you’re thinking about hiring professaionals, do your due diligence to find the best professional painting company that would suit your needs. Ask referrals from friends or relatives. You can also check online for options. Make sure to look at their online reviews before shortlisting them. From there, it would be a matter of finding the one that would suit your budget.

Painting is a job that requires patience and attention to detail. There are many ways you can mess up if you’re doing it yourself. Getting the help of professionals will completely prevent this from happening.

Are you planning to have your ceilings painted? Our team of professional experienced painters is ready to address your concerns and queries. Call us today at 086 608 1817 or click here to reach us!

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