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The Most Popular House Exterior Paint Colours

Painting your home’s exterior is a budget-friendly way of giving your property a facelift. If you are planning to sell your house, doing this is an excellent idea as it can improve its curb appeal and increase its value. Just make sure you choose the right colour palette for your house to achieve an aesthetically-appealing look.

Read on to learn how to choose the right colour schemes and the most popular house exterior paint colours.

How to Choose a Colour Palette for Your Home’s Exterior

When choosing colours to use for the exterior of a house, specifically the sidings, certain elements need to be considered. These include colours of neighbouring structures and regional standards as well as the house’s architectural details, roof colour and construction materials used.

Being the owner of the house, you definitely have the right to pick a colour that’s going to reflect who you are. However, if that colour is neon pink, you may want to rethink your choice. When picking hues, you need to take into consideration the colour palette used on the houses next door. This way, your property won’t stick out like a sore thumb.

You must also check the trends in your neighbourhood or local area. Light colours may not fit in an area where houses are painted with traditional hues. Similarly, pastel colours may be a bad choice if your property is surrounded by woodlands. So, go around the town and take note of what the dominant colour scheme is.

Factor in your home’s architectural style or details, too. If it has Mediterranean features, then use a combination of white and dark brown. Take note of the colour of the roofing as well as the materials used on or around your house. Grey is perfect for materials like brick and stone. Lastly, think about the size of your house. Dark hues can make your house appear smaller while light colours can make it bigger.

Top Paint Colours for House Exteriors

White is one of the most popular house exterior paint colour. This isn’t surprising since white is a classic colour. Professional residential painters and decorators advise that homeowners must avoid bold hues for the home’s exterior and instead, go for timeless colours. Hence, white is the top choice when it comes to exterior house painting.

Furthermore, white makes the house appear spacious and brighter which is advantageous for properties with shady yards. This colour is also very flexible – you can use it on your sidings or trims. Lastly, white goes well with other hues. If you want a dash of colour on your home’s exterior, use notable hues like aquamarine for your trims and a bold colour for your door like tangerine.

Blue is another favourite colour for residential exterior painting. It is ideal for houses situated in streets lined with trees or in established neighbourhoods. If you use country blue on your sidings, pair it with white (trims), black (window sashes) and grey (roof) for a charming and cosy appeal.

Subtle yellow like buttercream yellow is also widely used. This colour can give your house a welcoming, friendly and homey vibe. White and black may be used for trims and window shutters for contrast. This colour scheme won’t just make your house stand out; it’s also going to make it exude calmness.

For a modern or fresh look, pick neutral colours like grey, tan or beige. For the past years, grey has been a popular choice, especially in properties with prominent hardscapes. Choose light grey and match it with white trims and slate blue door for a neat and an elegant look. Alternatively, if you want something quirky but easy on the eyes, use paprika red on your trims and accents and white on window sashes.

Choosing exterior paint colours for your house can be tricky. So, do not hesitate to ask recommendations from your chosen residential painting company for the best outcome.

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