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Should All House Rooms Have the Same Paint Colour?

Should All House Rooms Have the Same Paint Colour

Are you planning to repaint your house? Some people who know of your plan may have recommended that you use a single colour for all interior walls. Is this the “rule” for interior painting? Should you follow it?

First, this is not a rule but more like a design technique – one that you can opt to use or not. It is worth noting, however, that using the same paint colour for all the rooms in your house has its advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of Using the Same Paint Colour for All House Rooms

Simplifies Decorating

There is no denying that one of the most difficult parts of painting a house is choosing a paint colour. What makes this task challenging is the sheer number of hues available.

So, if you would be using different colours per room, then you would be spending a considerable amount of time just choosing hues. Plus, you’d also have the added task of coordinating all the colours. You avoid all these when you use one colour for the different areas in your house.

Simply put:

Using a single colour for all the rooms simplifies the decorating or painting process. It reduces the time spent on colour selection and colour coordination.

Creates Continuity

Painting home interiors using a single hue is an effortless way of achieving “flow” or a smooth transition from one area to another. It gives your home a cohesive and harmonious appearance.

Having colour continuity is highly important, especially if you have an open floorplan. Without it, your space can look smaller than it actually is.

Cuts Down Paint Expense

Want to reduce paint expense? A lot of professional painters say that using a single colour instead of multiple ones for all the rooms in your house can help you achieve this.

You see, when you want rooms to have different colours, you are bound to spend more because you are going to buy more paint.

What’s more? This approach is also wasteful in that you are more likely to have excess paint unless shops allow you to purchase the exact amount of need.

Disadvantages of Using the Same Paint Colour for All House Rooms

Makes the House Look Boring

Interior walls painted the same hue can look boring and make the entire house feel unexciting. Over time, it can also be tiring to look at them.

If you decide to have a uniform “scheme”, make sure you pick a neutral hue – one that you would not get tired of looking at. Also, pick furniture and accessories with colours and textures or patterns that complement your walls to make the space look interesting.

Looks Different in Every Room   

Just because your home interior walls are painted with the same colour, it does not mean that they are going to look identical.


How a colour appears may change from room to room because of certain factors such as lighting.

Let’s take the case of yellow paint. In a room that receives a generous amount of natural light, this colour is going to appear brighter. Meanwhile, in an area where there are no windows, it may look dull or less vivid.

What’s the problem here? The colour’s appearance may change significantly depending on the condition or state of the room. So, if it is colour uniformity you are going for, you won’t achieve this with a single colour. You would need to use different shades of the same colour and determine the best shade-room combination, i.e., lighter shade in darker rooms.

Admittedly, it can be difficult to pull off this kind of look for home interiors. If you decide to go for this option, make sure you consult a professional decorator or painter first so you can get expert advice.

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