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Should You Use a Brush or Sprayer for Exterior Painting?


Are you going to paint your outdoor walls or fences? Have you chosen which applicator to use? Two of the most used paint applicators for exterior painting are the brush and sprayer. But is one better than the other? Which one should you use? Read on to find out more about these applicators so you can decide which one is best for your painting project.


When you use a brush, you can start working quickly. While you have to ensure that the brush is clean, it won’t take too long to accomplish this task. Also, you just have to do the basic painting prep work, no need to spend a lot of time masking areas.

In addition, a brush allows you to have excellent control. Hence, it is easier to apply an even coating of paint. Another advantage of having more control is that you would be able to get into nooks, crannies and other hard-to-reach places with little difficulty or none at all. Furthermore, if the surface you are working on has elaborate details, it is going to be easier to paint on them.

This applicator also has a better effect on the paint job. Basically, brushing facilitates better paint adhesion, so the paint job lasts longer. More importantly, using this applicator can mean more savings since you’d use less paint.

Clearly, using a brush has a lot of benefits. But don’t decide just yet because there’s also a downside to painting with this tool. For one, applying paint using a brush is physically demanding. It is also more time-consuming, especially when painting techniques are not employed.


Using a sprayer requires a lot of prep time. The equipment itself, with its different components, must be thoroughly checked and cleaned. Failure to do this may result in a messy output. For example, old paint stuck in the nozzle can end up on the surface you are working on.

Aside from preparing the equipment, you also need to make sure that the surface to be painted is ready. In addition, just like in other projects, you have to cover some surfaces or areas, so they won’t end up with paint splatters. When you are using a sprayer, you have to devote more time masking which can make the prep work laborious.

One good thing about using a sprayer though is that, while the preparation is a lot longer as compared to brushing, the paint application stage can be done quickly. It is possible to cover large areas in just minutes. With this, you won’t have to worry about getting physically exhausted.

Another benefit of using a sprayer is that achieving a smooth finish is easy. Furthermore, sprayed paint dries much faster than brushed-on paint. This minimises the chances of foreign materials like dust and debris sticking on the surface you are working on and ruining the appearance of your paint job.

Undeniably, if you want to finish your project quickly, a sprayer is an applicator worth considering. You have to know though that, unlike a brush, this tool can be difficult to control. Hence, you can end up with an uneven coverage on the area you are working on. Some parts might have thicker paint than other areas.

Moreover, a sprayer is not an all-weather type of applicator. To be more specific, you can’t use it on a very windy day when you are painting outdoors. You can only use a sprayer for exterior painting on days when the wind is not faster than 5mph.

Meanwhile, in terms of paint quality, since spraying is like atomizing paint, not all the paint stick to the area being painted on. This results in poor adhesion as well as a thinner coat. It’s also much more costly because of the amount of paint you’ll be using.  Basically, you would need at least three times more paint when you are spraying as compared to brushing.

Brush or Sprayer – What to Use for Exterior Painting?

Successfully using each applicator requires know-how and practice. A sprayer is a bit more complex to operate, though. This applicator is recommended for those who have already handled it before. So, for first-timers with no prior painting experience, using a brush for an exterior painting project may be the better choice. Remember, however, that the applicator alone won’t determine the outcome of your project. The painter’s knowledge and skills and the paint used are just some of the many things that affect the quality of the paint job.

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