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What Is the Best Paint for Exterior Walls?

Achieving an excellent output for an exterior painting project can be tough. In fact, it can be challenging to get a decent-looking and long-lasting paint job when the weather conditions aren’t great. Using the wrong kind of paint can further exacerbate the problem.

Decades ago, the preferred paint for exterior walls was oil-based. This was because of its durability, particularly its ability to withstand harsh weather conditions. However, due to technological advances in the manufacturing of paint, latex or water-based paints are now the way to go.

Oil-Based Paint for Exterior Walls

Aside from its perceived durability, another reason why some professional painters use oil-based paint is because it is dirt-resistant. It also gives a different level of smoothness and gloss as compared to latex or water-based paint. Some painters prefer using it on parts of the house which home owners want to stand out. Furthermore, since it is hard-wearing, oil-based paint is used on high foot traffic areas like porch floors.

Keep in mind though that the number one reason why oil-based paint is no longer recommended is due to its higher level of VOCs (volatile organic compounds). VOCs have been linked to short-term and long-term health concerns including headaches, dizziness respiratory issues, liver problems and even cancer. Aside from health issues, another disadvantage of oil-based paint is that it becomes yellowish and brittle over time. Oil-based paint also takes a lot longer to dry as compared to latex.

Latex Paint for Exterior Walls

Years ago, the idea of using latex paint on exterior walls was frowned on, especially by professional painters. This was because this type of paint wasn’t known to be resilient. Hence, using it on outdoor structures can be a waste of resources since you’d have to repaint it in a few months.

The case is different now, though. Paint technology has significantly advanced in the past years to the benefit of latex paint. Nowadays, latex paints are specially formulated to be more resistant to dirt, mold and mildew. It is now capable of holding up to the various elements such as rain, wind and snow, amongst others.

The adhesion of this paint has also significantly improved. It can be applied on various kinds of materials including vinyl, wood and masonry walls like bricks, stones or concrete blocks. It also has a shorter dry time and much easier to clean.

In short, home owners like you can now use latex paints for your exterior painting projects as it is sure to last long. In fact, when applied properly, this paint can last for as long as 15 years depending on the type of surface it’s applied to.

Oil-based or Latex Paint – Which One Should You Use for Exterior Walls?

 The primary consideration when choosing a type of paint for exterior walls and structures (and even interior spaces) is durability. Both oil-based and latex paint are resilient; hence, you can use either one for your exterior painting project.

However, if you factor in health and environmental concerns, latex paint is the better option because of its lower VOCs levels. By using this type of paint, you do not just avoid illnesses due to VOCs exposure, but you also help the planet.

A word of caution, even if these paint types are long-lasting, they may prematurely get damaged if proper prep is not observed or if the paint is not applied properly. For example, if a surface was previously painted with oil-based paint, you cannot just simply paint over it using latex paint. The old paint must be removed otherwise your new coat of paint is going to peel easily. Similarly, if you apply latex paint on wood without sanding the surface, the paint won’t properly adhere to the surface.

Simply put, there’s no guarantee that you’re going to achieve an excellent paint job if an amateur does the work. Hence, it’s imperative that you hire a professional painter experienced in exterior painting to get a professional-looking and lasting paint job.

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