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The Effect of Cold Weather on Exterior Wall Paint

Winter is coming to a close. For homeowners like you, this means it is time to schedule home improvement projects, particularly those involving the outdoors, which you’ve been putting off because of the freezing weather. This includes checking your home’s exterior paint and possibly repainting your walls.

Unbeknownst to many, the cold winter weather can shorten the longevity of the paint job on your exterior wall. It can damage the paint on it, causing it to peel and chip. It can also cause discolorations, making dark paint appear white. This can happen even to newly painted surfaces. So, do not be surprised if you check your outdoor walls come spring and they no longer look pristine.

Why is outdoor paint more vulnerable to cracking and peeling during winter? For one, exposure to snow, ice and cold rain, all of which produce moisture, is high during this season. As you probably already know, moisture is an enemy of paint. When it seeps through the wall, the paint’s adherence to the surface weakens. Eventually, the paint blisters and peels off.

If your paint job already has existing flaws – cracks or chips – at the onset, moisture can easily get into the wall and cause more extensive damage. Meanwhile, if the paint job is in tiptop condition, the risk of encountering this problem is low. However, if substandard paint was used, then the paint job may not be able to withstand the harsh weather conditions.

Suffice it to say, the cold, unpredictable winter weather can have a negative effect on the appearance and durability of the paint job on your exterior walls. What can you do about this?

Once winter is over, take time to assess the condition of your walls. Make this a habit; do it annually if possible. How do you evaluate your outdoor wall paint? You can start by searching for visible signs of paint failure – blistering, cracking, peeling, etc. Next, check if the affected areas are big or small. Do not also forget to assess the paint tone, especially if you are using a dark hue on your wall. Does it still have its original colour or does it look frosted?

If you think that your walls need repainting, then waste no time and hire the best professional painting company in Ireland that offers exterior painting services. Remember, spring is one of the best times to do exterior wall painting. Hence, exterior painters are in demand during this time and their schedules can get full real fast. So, you need to act quickly if you want to make your walls look beautiful again.

Make sure that you choose a company known for delivering a superior paint job, one that is both visually appealing and durable. After all, you surely do not want to spend on exterior painting after a year. The goal is to ensure that the paint job lasts at least four years, the usual lifespan of outdoor wall paint. You can only achieve this is if professional painters do the job. These experienced painters employ the right techniques and use premium quality paint to ensure that the paint job withstands the elements and lasts long.

Meanwhile, when it comes to discoloured paint, try washing the surface with warm water first. Usually, this is enough to restore the old paint tone. If this fails, then you can consider repainting instead.

Aside from getting a superior-quality paint job, you can also minimise the damaging effects of the cold weather by installing moisture barrier and having proper insulation indoors. Keep in mind, it’s not just water from the outside that can destroy your outdoor paint. Water vapour produced from interior condensation also contributes to the problem. So, do the necessary preparations before winter kicks in.

Fixing the damages caused by the cold weather on your exterior wall paint? Our professional painters are experienced in exterior painting and can deliver the output you want – a paint job that can stand up to the elements.  Call us now at 86 608 1817 / 085 139 0233!

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