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Tips on Painting Exterior Brick Walls

Traditionally found in Colonial homes, brick is now widely used in houses with rustic or industrial designs. In recent years, we’ve seen homeowners embrace the exposed brick trend. This resulted in the proliferation of home interiors featuring brick walls. Its most popular use, though, is still undeniably as an exterior finish.

It’s not surprising why many homeowners and designers prefer to use it, especially on their exterior walls. For one, brick is fire-resistant and weatherproof. It has insulation properties that make it possible for a house to have a more consistent indoor temperature.

Moreover, a brick wall exudes timeless beauty and adds character to the property. It is also easy to update its look. All you need to do is to apply a fresh coat of paint.

Just by painting your exterior brick walls, you can give your house a new look without breaking the bank. But of course, this needs to be done the right way to achieve a beautiful finish.

Things to Remember When Painting Exterior Brick Walls

Clean and Prep the Brick Wall

Painting brick walls is no different from painting concrete walls in that you start by cleaning the surface. There should be no greasy stains, loose debris, dirt and efflorescence (streak of white deposits). A clean surface is vital for the paint to adhere better.

Scrubbing the wall with a brush and soapy water is usually enough to remove dirt and efflorescence. For stubborn stains, use trisodium phosphate (TSP). Meanwhile, for mildew, try applying a bleach solution to the affected area. Let it soak for 30 minutes before scrubbing.

If you are working on a large area, it is highly recommended that you use a power or pressure washer.

Let the surface dry completely. Then, check for holes and cracks. You can patch up minor issues on your own such as small holes. But if there are major problems that can affect the structure’s integrity, it’s best to let professionals inspect and fix them.

Don’t Skip the Primer

Applying a primer is necessary whether you are working on interior or exterior brick walls. It is going to help the topcoat stick well to the surface. Priming the walls reduces the number of coats needed to achieve adequate coverage.

Choose a primer that is specially formulated for brick and masonry. This type of primer penetrates the pores, reaches nooks and crannies and binds loose materials. It is also more alkaline resistant, minimising the chances of alkali burn on the topcoat.

One important thing you have to remember is to apply additional coats of primer on areas with mildew or efflorescence.

Use the Right Applicator

Brick walls are rougher and more permeable than your usual drywall. You have to consider these facts when choosing an applicator.

For this type of project, you need a brush or roller that is very durable. Avoid cheap applicators as they don’t hold up well when used on textured surfaces.

If you are using a brush, pick one with synthetic bristles. Meanwhile, if you prefer a roller, choose one with a high nap.

Painting Exterior Brick Walls – A Job for Professionals

Painting brick is not the same as painting drywall. When it is not done the right way, you may end up with a poor-quality paint job – paint streaks, bubbles, flaking or cracked paint. It may also result in an alkali-burned topcoat.

Remember, you are painting your brick wall to improve the appearance of your house. But if the paint is flaking or the topcoat is burnt, you won’t achieve this goal.

For this type of painting project, it is best to hire professionals. Trusted exterior painters in Dublin can guarantee high-quality and durable paint job.

It may cost more than DIY painting, but it is cost-effective. When the quality of the paintwork is excellent, you do not have to redo it or repaint it earlier than expected.

Hiring professional painters can also help you save time and avoid stress. Exterior painting is already challenging; adding a textured surface like a brick wall into the mix makes the task even more complicated for a DIYer.

One of the things that makes exterior painting difficult is that you need consecutive days of good weather to do the job. This can be tricky given Ireland’s unpredictable weather. But it is a requirement you can’t ignore, as painting outdoor walls when weather conditions aren’t optimal results in a less durable paint job.

Meanwhile, you need to be more cautious when working on brick walls to avoid cracking or dislodging the bricks. You have to know how to apply the paint to achieve a clean and hardwearing finish without causing any damage.

Unless you have the time, patience, and know-how for this project, hiring experts to paint your brick walls is wiser. With professional painters, you do not just get an excellent paint job but also one that is finished on time.

You have to make sure though that you hire a reputable painting company. Aside from reading reviews about them, it is highly recommended that you view their portfolio to gauge the quality of their work.

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