What Hall Paint Colours Should You Use

What Hall Paint Colours Should You Use?

August 15, 2021

The hallway is that part of your home that most people don’t know what to do with. What wall colour do you use? Should you use a large mirror at the end to make it look longer? Tiles or wood? There are so many questions it would be hard to answer all of them in one post.

So, let’s start with the first one. Which hall colours should you use to get the most out of your hallway?

Make Your Hallway Interesting with the Right Hall Colours

As unimportant as a hallway might sound, it is probably the first room your guests see when they enter your home. Certainly, like most homeowners, you want your hallway to leave a great first impression.

 You want a warm, light, and inviting hallway. But the solution is not as simple as just painting it white. A hallway is also a high-traffic area, which usually means a lot of fingerprints on the walls, coffee spills, and mud splashes. The trick is picking light hall colours that aren’t entirely white and durable enough that they won’t show every speck of dirt.

Three Perfect Hall Colours

The first hallway colour that looks inviting but doesn’t show every flying particle from your son’s soccer shoes is beige. Beige gives enough light to the hallway but doesn’t take away from the focus on the other rooms. It acts more as a guide to other rooms than as a focal point of its own.

Another great hall colour is light grey. With good lighting, you can add space to your hallway just as good as with white walls. Additionally, if you add some mirrors and a few minimalistic elements, you can make your hallway look very spacious.

Finally, any pastel colour can perfectly fit a busy hallway full of stairs and corners. A pastel blue or pink will make it look bright and peaceful.

Hall Colours, Honourable Mentions

We bashed white a little, but it is one of the most common hall colours. Simply because, in a space with no natural lighting, white can make it look light, spacious, and welcoming.

Another option is painting your hallway in a darker colour like dark grey or black blue. Darker hall colours are rarely chosen, but if you combine them with great lighting and furniture, you can make your hallway look interesting and romantic.

Are You Looking for Painting Services?

Painting is one of those jobs that we would happily pass on to other people. It requires a lot of preparation, including an unimaginable amount of cleaning. So, whether it’s your hallway or exterior wall that needs a fresh coat of paint, it is always best to let professionals do the job.

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