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4 Ways to Paint a Room Like a Professional Painter

4 Ways to Paint a Room Like a Professional Painter

Are you painting a room in your house on your own? Be ready because it won’t be an easy project. It is a laborious task that requires patience and a lot of time. To say the least, it is a challenging endeavour, especially if you want to have a great-looking paint job.

Before going the DIY route, see to it that you have time to do the work from start to finish. More importantly, ensure that you can do the job well. After all, what’s the point of repainting your walls if they won’t look good after?

Have no time? Unsure if you can come up with a decent paint job? These things should tell you that, instead of DIY-ing, hiring professional residential painters is the better option. Experienced painters can guarantee a visually-appealing and durable paint job.

Up for the challenge? Still prefer to do the task on your own? Then, read on to learn how you can paint a room like a professional painter – clean, long-lasting and lovely paint job.

Learn Painting Techniques

Being able to paint a room like professional painters requires knowledge and skills. You must follow the methods and techniques employed by pros. This includes even the simplest ones like applying a primer.

“One of the essential steps in a painting project which many amateur painters skip or ignore is the application of primer. Achieving a smooth and durable finish isn’t possible if you don’t accomplish this task!“

In terms of painting techniques, try learning how to cut in. It is used when painting corners or areas around trims or window/door frames…. Many professional painters use this method because it cuts down prep time since they don’t have to spend time taping.”

Let’s be clear:

Being able to do these techniques properly requires a lot of practice. So, don’t expect to do them perfectly overnight. Do the hard work – practice, practice and practice!

Choose the Right Paint

Professional painters do not come up with an excellent output simply because of their painting techniques. The kind of paint they use in the project also plays a role.

As experts in this field, these pros know what kind of paint is best for their project. This isn’t just about the colour schemes but also the paint sheen.

Also referred to as ‘finish’, this paint element has an impact on the overall appearance as well as the longevity of the paint job.”

An important thing to keep in mind is that different areas of the house require different paint sheens. High-gloss finishes work well in high traffic areas since they are easier to clean. Meanwhile, low-sheen paints are ideal for walls with imperfections.”


Before buying your paint, be sure you know what finish is best for the room you’d be working on.

Use High-Quality Materials

Pros do not scrimp on their painting materials. You should do the same if you want an output like theirs.

You see, while bargain-priced tools can mean savings, they can also cause your paint job to look dingy and unattractive. They can also prevent you from painting the room fast.

Let’s take the case of using a low-cost roller cover to paint walls:

“…a cheap sleeve can slow you down and increase your painting time instead of reducing it. Lastly, a low-quality roller cover can mess your output, i.e., walls with lap marks and uneven paint layers.”

Similarly, going for a low-quality paint over a high-quality one won’t result in savings.

“With low-quality paint, you’d need to do several coatings to achieve a decent finish. Meanwhile, with high-quality paint, you’d only need, at most, two coatings. Hence, with high-quality paint, you would need to purchase fewer gallons of paint.”

Clean and Repair Walls

Amateur painters tend to skip painting prep work including cleaning the walls to save time. Please do not do this if you want an outstanding output.

You must clean the walls and repair any damages on it before you apply paint. This is a non-negotiable!

Dust, dirt and grease can prevent paint from adhering well and properly to the surface. Apart from having an unappealing paint finish, premature flaking or peeling can happen. So, be sure to clean your walls thoroughly.”

“…you can use trisodium phosphate (TSP) to help you get rid of grease, soot and dirt easily and quickly. Just follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the TSP container.”

It can be extra challenging for a beginner like you to come up with a perfect paint job. But this is not impossible to achieve, especially if you follow the recommendations above and prepare well for it.

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Image by Michal Jarmoluk from Pixabay