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Is It Okay to Paint Your House in Winter?

Is It Okay to Paint Your House in Winter

Having peeled or cracked wall paint can be problematic if you are decorating your home for the holidays. Even if you put elegant decors, these flaws can still ruin the overall aesthetics of your house.

So, what should you do to ensure that your house looks great in time for the holidays? Well, the first thing that comes to most people’s minds is to repaint the walls.

The thing is:

Is it a good idea to paint the house in winter?

Exterior Painting in Winter

Truth be told, winter is not the best time to schedule house painting projects, especially those involving exterior walls.

“First, temperatures can be unforgiving during this season. It can be very wet and very cold making it unlikely for paint, even those which are specially formulated for cold weather, to cure properly. Furthermore, the harsh weather is not conducive for outdoor work even for professional painters.”

 Another problem with exterior painting in winter is the shortened daylight.

“If you do exterior painting, you only have a short window of time to work each day. The thing is, paint takes time to dry and the drying time can even be longer during winter given the minimal amount of sunlight and the low temperature. So, it can take a while for you to accomplish this task.”

Clearly, winter is not the time to repaint your exterior walls. Doing this project during this season is extremely challenging, if not impossible, even with the help of professional painters.

Interior Painting in Winter

How about painting interior walls during winter? It is doable, but it surely would not be easy and cheap. It can mean an increase in your electric bill and exposure to paint fumes and dust.


Paints contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which can be dangerous to your health.

“Exposure to VOCs has short- and long-term effects on people’s health. It may cause eye, nose, throat and skin irritation. It may also trigger headaches and nausea.”

This is why, when painting indoors, windows are opened to ensure proper air circulation and prevent fumes from lingering in the house. However, opening windows is not a good idea during winter. Heat would escape your house which means you’d need to crank up your HVAC system to keep things warm. This can result in a significant increase in your energy consumption.

If you decide to repaint indoor walls during winter, make sure that your ventilation system is working properly. Keeping windows open won’t be necessary when your house is well ventilated.

In addition, it’s best to let professional painters handle this project.

This is to ensure that the right types of paints and materials are used. Furthermore, professional painters employ techniques which can reduce paint fumes without cranking up the heat and having high energy bills.”

In summary, you should wait after winter to repaint walls, whether they are located outdoors or indoors. Paints require optimal temperature and weather condition to cure properly. These are not present during winter.

So, instead of repainting, look for temporary fixes to hide the flaws on your walls. Address the problem in spring or summer – the ideal time to do painting projects, according to painting contractors.

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Image by Rudy and Peter Skitterians from Pixabay