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6 Reasons to Hire Professional House Painters

Professional house painters add the finishing touch to any home renovation project. Whether inside or out, their expertise makes an impressive difference compared to an amateur painting job. Their work should be highly durable, look dynamic and be worthy of adding real value to your home.

Whatever your budget, it’s usually cost-effective to hire professional painters. Apart from inside knowledge of the best techniques and access to high-quality materials, there are many more reasons why you should hire professional painters for any home painting project.

1. High-Quality Professional Equipment

Professional painters usually have their stock of premium grade equipment. As an amateur, you may not be able to afford or even source similar items. High-quality brushes available only in the trade shouldn’t leave stray bristles embedded in the paint. Different types of paint require specific brushes. For instance, water-based emulsions are more suitable for synthetic brushes, while natural bristle is ideal for oil-based paints.

Professionals often use sophisticated air-compressed paint sprayers that get any house painting project finished in a fraction of the time. Working at height above staircases or outside requires specialised scaffolding and ladders that guarantee safety for users and bystanders. Whether you are hiring a facility management company or  house painting contractors, they will have access to tools and equipment hired to suit any complex house painting assignment.

2. Professional House Painters Make Thorough Preparations

The quality of any house painting project is determined by the work carried out beforehand. Professional painters rely on meticulous preparations to provide a reliable base for the paint you see on the surface. From blocking holes and cracks to sanding entire walls, your painting experts will do a thorough job. Dust is effectively removed, ensuring the paint that’s finally used won’t be harmed.

Painstaking preparations ensure a high-quality finish lasts a very long time. Preparing exterior walls can be particularly difficult, but if carried out effectively, the finished project should have increased resilience against the harshest weather conditions.

3. Expertise in a Range of Painting Techniques

A major advantage in hiring professional painters for your home is their expertise. They have usually served apprenticeships of at least two to three years. They will also have expert knowledge of techniques that amateurs may not be able to carry out. For instance, respraying your kitchen cupboards is a cost-effective method of giving your busiest room a designer look.

Unusual painting effects provide your home with a stylish touch of originality. Expertly applied, they can replicate Venetian marble or add interesting textures through frottage or rag-rolling. When such innovative techniques are professionally carried out, they are usually quick to apply and look truly impressive when finished.

4. Expert Advice on Suitable Paints

Experienced house painters have extensive knowledge of paint products. They can advise you on which paint is best for your home. For instance, solvent-based paints contain Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), but surprisingly, so do many water-based products.

A professional painter usually applies the most suitable, mould-resistant paint for the humid conditions of bathrooms and kitchens. Their knowledge can save you from wasting time and money on paint that won’t be durable in tough conditions. They’ll explain which paints are best for allergy sufferers and the benefits of vegan paint products. An advantage of hiring professionals is they dispose of surplus paint according to environmentally-friendly regulations.

5. Assistance with Colour Schemes

Interior design becomes so much easier when you appoint professional painters. They have years of experience in different colour schemes to enhance every situation from quiet nurseries to vibrant living rooms.

They’ll suggest complementary colour combinations and explain how colour can create different effects. The colours you choose can be further enhanced by matte or silk finishes combined with unusual techniques. Experienced painters are as adept as interior designers regarding stylish colour schemes.

6. Professional House Painters Save You Time and Money

Appointing professionals to paint your home ensures a project is completed quickly, but correctly. Speed is often essential for exterior painting to avoid long delays caused by unfavourable weather. Amateur projects often run into difficulties that make the job appear never-ending. Professional painters have the experience and skills to combat any hazard, from crumbling plasterwork to insects infiltrating wooden window frames.

Professional painting includes efficient setting up such as covering flooring and moving furniture. Professional painters are also insured against accidental damage, providing peace of mind regarding expensive errors.


For the best paint finish that lasts for years, you need professional painters. They can save you time, and money and advise on the most suitable paint for your project. They’ll also prepare surfaces and tidy up at the end.

With professional painting, you only have to relax and admire the result. Our team of highly skilled professional painters can use the best techniques to ensure your home improvement project is a success. Call us now on 086 608 1817 for a no-obligation quote or contact us online at any time.

Painting Dublin
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