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Is It a Good Idea to Paint Your House During Winter?

Is It a Good Idea to Paint Your House During Winter?

Painting your house during winter is not a good idea, especially if the project involves exterior surfaces. This is primarily because the weather condition during this season can make it extra challenging to do outdoor work. Achieving a durable and beautiful paint job can also be very difficult.

Challenges of Painting During Winter

The freezing temperatures during winter can be intolerable. Working outside for just a few minutes or an hour is impossible even if you wear the proper attire. Basically, by scheduling exterior painting in winter, you run the risk of getting sick.

In addition to the punishingly cold weather, there is also less daylight during winter. This means you have less time to do the work under natural light.

Here’s the thing:

Time is a crucial element in this type of project. Why? “…paint takes time to dry and the drying time can even be longer during winter given the minimal amount of sunlight and the low temperature.”

The durability of the paint job suffers when paint does not cure properly. Its appearance also gets significantly affected.

“Your output may show poor colour uniformity. It may easily crack and be prone to stains, too.”


Paint requires optimal time and temperature for it to dry properly. When these conditions are not met, the paint job’s durability and appearance suffer.

“What about using paint which is specially formulated for low temperatures?” you may ask.

Temperature should not be lower than 7°C for paint to dry properly. However, “there are paints now available which can be used even when the temperature is 2°C.”

You can use these types of paints if you intend to repaint during the cold months. But you have to realise that this just resolves one of the many challenges associated with painting in winter. There are still the issues of working under freezing temperatures and limited daylight.

Suffice it to say, winter is not the time to paint your house. Even other painting contractors in Ireland would tell you the same thing. Aware of the hazards and challenges of painting in winter, most professional painters do not accept projects during this season, especially those involving outdoor work.

Should you find one who’s willing to do the job, it may come at a steep price. Furthermore, the project may take a while to be completed.

When Should You Paint Your House?

Ideally, painting projects, whether it involves your home’s interior or exterior, should be scheduled during spring or summer. To be more precise, the optimal time is during the early weeks of these seasons.

In Ireland, the peak season for house painting is in spring. Truth be told, it can be a bit difficult to book the services of a reputable painting contractor during this time. This is why, if you want your home painted in spring, you should start looking for a professional painting company as early as winter. Doing this gives you higher chances of getting the contractor and schedule you want.

A word of caution:

Don’t choose a company just because it is willing to work on your house immediately. If you want well-painted walls bound to last long, you should hire painters who are experienced. It is also important that they are professional to ensure a hassle-free service from start to finish.

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Image by Andreas Lischka from Pixabay