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Professional Tips When Painting Your Steel Farm Shed

Professional Tips When Painting Your Steel Farm Shed

There are several benefits to painting your steel farm shed. Paint will help to protect the underlying metal from damage. Quality materials require little maintenance, and the visual appearance of the entire structure will be improved in no time at all.

However, there are still some professional tips and tricks to keep in mind if you hope to avoid any issues during the process. Let us quickly examine what the experts at Painting Dublin have to say. We have teamed up with Atkins farm machinery and farm parts to help us hit the nail on the head with these tips. 

All About Preparation

Even the simplest exterior painting projects will require a fair amount of preparation. If the metal surfaces of your shed are not clean and free of debris, the paint will fail to adhere properly. This can expose the underlying steel to the elements, and ultimately, the coating itself may begin to peel away within a short period.

So, make sure that the outside of your shed has been properly cleaned in advance. Warm water and detergent can be used to wash away any dirt. Regarding rust or mould, it is better to employ a wire brush, an orbital sander, or a paint scraper. Thorough preparation will ultimately determine the outcome of the entire project. 

Applying the Primer

A primer is a type of coating that will enable the subsequent top coats of paint to adhere properly. In many cases, an oil-based primer is recommended when addressing exterior surfaces. Oil primer is extremely durable and it can help to mask the colour of any existing coats of paint that may already be present. This is even more important if you apply a light tone over a darker hue.

After applying the first coat of primer, allow it to dry thoroughly. 24 hours will usually be required, although the exact time may differ between manufacturers. So, always read the instructions beforehand. If stains or discoloured portions are still visible, it may be necessary to apply a second coat of primer. 

Appreciating the Optimal Weather Conditions

Let us now assume that you have coated your farm shed with at least one layer of primer. When is the best time to undertake the bulk of the project? It is always wise to avoid any days associated with even the slightest chance of rain.

It is recommended that humid conditions should be avoided. These will cause the paint to remain wet for long periods, and in some cases, the coats may even begin to sag.

Choose a clear, sunny, and dry day. Also, be sure that you have plenty of time to complete the project before the sun goes down. 

Painting Your Shed

As this article mentions, there may be times when certain elements need to be removed before the painting process begins. In terms of a steel exterior shed, examples can include window shutters, doorknobs, gutters, and locking mechanisms. This step will help to speed up the overall application process.

Unless you happen to be dealing with an extremely large shed, it is normally better to apply the paint with a brush or an airless sprayer. Once the paint has dried, rollers can cause a stippling effect and detract from the appearance. Whether using an oil or latex-based paint, make certain that it has been formulated to adhere to metal. This is sometimes known as a DTM (direct-to-metal) variant.

The coats might otherwise have a difficult time adhering to the surface. Note that two coats of paint will normally be needed to achieve a uniform effect. As mentioned in the primer section earlier, allow ample drying time in between coats. 

A Job Well Done

We can now see that a handful of steps will need to be addressed if you have been hoping to paint your steel farm shed. Of course, there may also be times when professional solutions are preferred.

If you have any additional questions or wish to schedule a free consultation, take a moment to contact the team at Painting Dublin today. We will be more than happy to provide further assistance.